IMO, Fedor isn't undefeated.

Now hear me out.  I love Fedor- he's one of my favorite fighters in the sport.  I also think that he's the top HW, undisputedly, and a top P4P fighter.


However, I got to thinking about it, and I wondered- how exactly is it that people can completely discount the loss to TK (with their reasoning being that the rules RINGS had were bogus), and at the same time brush off the Arona fight?

Most people who've seen Fedor's fight agree that Arona won that fight, but due to the odd judging criteria of RINGS, Fedor won the decision.  In my opinion, it's setting a double standard to say that his loss to Kohsaka was bull, and at the same time justify his win over Arona.


(Grainy photo of Arona mounted on Fedor in rd. 2)

I have to say, that carmically, Fedor has lost 1 fight in his career.  Granted, that loss is to the wrong person (as I also think that he shouldn't have lost the fight to TK).

I also think that the reason we, as hardcore MMA fans, do something so hypocritical, is that it's Fedor.  We LOVE Fedor, can't get enough of him.  And we can't stand the thought that he's ever lost, because we see him as the exception to a rule in MMA: that no matter what, if you're consistently fighting top fighters, you will lose.  And Fedor has seemingly defied this rule.  He also has a very humble and likeable personality, is an extremely exciting fighter, and so on.

However, i'd like you to take a second and think about the fact that Fedor's only 2 fights whose results have been contested (the loss to Tsuyoshi Kohsaka, and the win over Ricardo Arona) were both inside the RINGS promotion, and that he probably deserves 1 loss on his record.  Think about it.

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