Episode 8 You-Tube links are up: Shonie Carter and Chris Howie

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Episode 8 featured "Mr. International" Shonie Carter and head writer for Chris Howie. Shonie told us he has had over 200 fights and the Wikipedia # is totally wrong. He then went on to tell us how he was slipped some of the date rape drug GHB and ended in a limo, then a private plane and finally Turkey with no passport. While he was telling us the story he sounded like he might have been on something, cause man it took along time to get that story out. We asked how many women he had slept with and got a not Wilt Chamberlain answer. Shonie is currently working at a GYM as a personal trainer and enjoying the fringe "chicks" benefits while he waits for his next fight. Finally we asked Shonie to give Robin a nick name to use when he is introduced to fight ... without hesitation he proclaimed Robin "fade to" Black. 

We spoke with Chris Howie about Strikeforce and made some predictions ... 2 to 1 say Shamrock wins. Chris gave his opinion on Dana White's recent diatribe, where he might have offended more than half the population (did he just invent a new type of marketing? only time will tell). It's true power when you can do that with almost no repercussions, go Dana! Then we heard about Chris's interview with Matt Hughes ... Chris pulled all bad ass and pissed him off, then Matt hung up on him. 

We also announced the winners of the create the best "contest" contest ... Julius Malco, Jay Kay and Luke Gibbons all win Affliction shirts. Julius is going to make bumper decals for us (I know that's not a contest but it was too good to pass up), Jay came up with give Robin a nick name ... that will be the next contest! Luke offered up - get on TV with a sign and win a shirt - that will be our on going contest ... more details to come.

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