Karo Parisyan Suspended and Fined, Win Over Kim Changed to No Contest

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MMA Weekly is reporting breaking news from the Nevada State Athletic Commission's hearing today concerning UFC welterweight Karo Parisyan.  Parisyan tested positive for three different painkillers after his UFC 94 fight with Dong-Hyun Kim where he won an underwhelming split decision.

The results of the hearing are as follows:

The commission voted unanimously to suspend Parisyan, who slumped before the commission as the punishment was delivered

A)Parisyan is suspended from competition for 9 months

B)He is fined 40 percent of his $80,000 purse ($40,000 show/$40,000 win), totaling $32,000, which will go to the Athletic Commission

C)He must submit to random drug testing

D)The result of his UFC 94 bout with Dong Hyun Kim is changed to a "No Decision"

Although the fine and the suspension are very serious consequences, the elimination of his win over Kim and the resulting "no contest" ruling definitely caught my eye, as I can't remember the last time this happened in the UFC, or if it's ever happened at all. 

The last major overturning of a win to a no-contest that I recall, was Nick Diaz's submission win over Takanori Gomi which was changed after Diaz admitted to marijuana use.  Ken Shamrock recently tested positive for steroid use, but there's been no word if concerns surrounding his submission victory over Ross Clifton will even be heard by any athletic commission, let alone overturned.

Sherdog also reported from the hearing:

Parisyan, who was not represented by legal counsel at the hearing, pleaded for leniency before the commission after he admitted his guilt.

“This is my only form of income,” Parisyan said. “If I don’t fight, I’m nothing. I’m very, very sorry. It was completely unintentional. This is embarrassing for me.”

“I trust the guy,” Parisyan said. “He’s a friend of mine. He’s got a chronic disease. He gave me the pills and told me they were the same exact thing. That’s why I took them.”

What’s more, Parisyan failed to disclose his use of painkillers, prescribed or otherwise, on a pre-fight questionnaire. Only after the fight did he inform an NSAC inspector.

“All I was concerned about was the fight,” Parisyan said. “I hadn’t fought in a year. My mind was calm [after the fight]. When I saw the urine test, I thought, ‘Oh, my God.’ [The inspector] told me as long it wasn’t an anabolic drug that would have given me advantage or a drug like cocaine or something, I should be fine. I had my doctor fax in the prescription, and a week later, everything blew up.”

NSAC Commissioner John Bailey was not swayed by Parisyan's explanation:

“[The commission has] to know what’s going on with you,” Bailey said. “You just decided to not be truthful on a pre-fight questionnaire. We can’t have fighters drifting in and out of reality.”

We've seen several UFC fighters test positive for illegal susbtances over the past few years, but it's almost always been the losing fighter that ends up if you needed any more reasons for not taking illegal painkillers or steroids.  Nonetheless, this is sad news for Parisyan and the UFC as a whole.  Karo had been facing some serious mental and physical issues in the last year, and this certainly won't help.  I've always been a fan of "The Heat", but I really hope he takes this time to get his act together and find the right kind of help that he clearly needs.

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