The Week in Quotes: March 7th - 13th



"It is with heavy hearts and great sadness that we must regretfully confirm the passing of our beloved friend, brother and co-founder Charles "Mask" Lewis following a car accident that occurred last night. We are currently in the process of setting up a memorial service in his honor and will release more details as they become available. Many thanks to all for the outpouring of blessings and well-wishing during this incredibly difficult time." - The TapouT Family (TapouT)

"This guy was selling T-shirts out of the trunk of his car and when we first got involved with the UFC, we met them. We really liked them, we liked their energy. They were good people and we got together and we started doing all this grassroots marketing together - the UFC and Tapout. They were very loyal to us and we were very loyal to them." - UFC President Dana White (SLAM! Sports)


"I was wondering what he was doing when he raised his hand, but when I heard him say, ‘Hello Japan!’ I thought, ‘No way! What’s with this guy?" - WAMMA lightweight champion Shinya Aoki commenting on the odd behavior of opponent David Gardner. (Sherdog)

"He felt so relaxed, so I knew he was making jokes. Maybe he thought he was on vacation here in Japan, so I punished him." - Aoki, doing his best Ivan Drago.

"The only thing I have to say is ‘Hello, Japan!’ I think I’m going to keep saying this for quite a long time." - Aoki


"Yo, I don't even know they were stopping it.  I was like, what do you mean?  I'm still here to fight.  Then I told my boy Stitch, 'Yo, if you say it was over, it was over without no doubt, man.'" - Pete Sell, punch drunk after his destruction at the hands of Matt Brown.

"He was smiling at me when I was punching him when the ref was stopping it." - Brown, who proceeded to knock that smile off his face.

"That last loss to Dustin, he's a black belt, man.  Shit, fuck happens." - Tamdan McCrory showing off his college degree.

"Dana picked my music, I didn't pick that.  Just so everyone knows, that wasn't my choice." - McCrory, it's important not to lose your street cred.

"Because I rode in here on my fucking Thunderhorse and handled business." - McCrory, the hits just keep coming.

"I trained hard.  I'm battling injuries, sinus infections left and right." - McCrory, there's nothing worse than the dreaded sinus infection.


"Just rush 'im.  Just sick 'im like a dog." - Quinton Jackson explaining the gameplan he didn't use.

"My hat goes off to Keith Jardine.  I won't call him sardine no more." - Jackson

"All I've gotta say is, there's gonna be some more black-on-black crime!" - Jackson capping off a round of spirited trash talk with UFC light heavyweight champ Rashad Evans.

"Y'all don't even know. I got a bunch of Asian girls waiting for me. Damn! I was going to see which one I was going to take with me on a little getaway. Fly first class, talk about how I'm going to be UFC champion again. Get a private hut somewhere. All that just shattered cause somebody got their damn knee scoped." - Jackson peeved at the idea he may have to fight again in ten weeks.  The Asian girls won out. (Cagewriter)


"I’m pretty pissed off right now. One of the judges told me I lost the fight in the last 10 seconds, and that’s pretty hard to take." - Keith Jardine, who must have been talking to a drunk judge. (Sherdog)


"We fight in a cage, fuck." - Nick Diaz, in reponse to criticism that he's bad for the sport. (Cagewriter)

"It's not my part to worry about what's good and bad for the sport. I'm just trying to keep my teeth in my mouth." - Diaz

"People act like this is a tennis match and act like this isn't warfare." - Diaz, who I don't think is being mistaken for Rafael Nadal.

"It's like the plague. It's like a disease. Anything that makes money right now, you can't get rid of it." - Diaz, with a very dystopian view of mixed martial arts.


"Even my wife complains: ‘Geez, you just finished a fight and you’re back at training already?’" - Lyoto Machida describing his work ethic. (Gracie Mag)

"I can’t let myself think this is some seven-headed monster, I’m going to get out there and do my job." - Machida, on his fight with Rasahd Evans.  Combined with Greg Jackson, Evans is only a two-headed monster anyway.


"There's a couple of guys that are real good but there are a whole bunch that aren't." - UFC President Dana White, on the state of refereeing in MMA. (Cagewriter)

"Rashad and Keith saying they won't fight each other, la-la-la-la, I don't listen to that." - White explaining his chat with the Greg Jackson teammates.  He also noted he planted his fingers in both his ears.  (Cagewriter)


"The number is a crazy way to look at it. The small shows are the ones you really need protection over." - Chris Lytle, on Indiana proposed legislation to only regulate MMA events with an attendance over 5,000. (Indy Star)

"When I got to my feet, I wanted to give him a taste of his own medicine and that was it." - Shane Carwin, fortunately that medicine was a big right hand and not blowing his gas tank in two minutes. (MMA Weekly)

"I did let Mr. Sell take maybe — not maybe — I let him take a beating for absolutely nothing. So I didn’t do my job properly. So basically, I screwed up. I screwed up and I’m going to learn from it and try not to do it again. … I’m going to make sure not to do it again." - Referee Yves Lavigne apologizing for his bizarre performance during the Matt Brown/Pete Sell fight at UFC 96. (MMA Mania)

"Basically a fight’s a fight, and I didn’t have an MMA fight until July." - Tim Sylvia trying to make sense of his boxing match with former heavyweight champ Ray Mercer. (MMA Weekly)

"When I attended a meeting with her she demonstrated that she knew nothing about the sport." - New York Assemblyman Bob Reilly on Chairwoman of the New York State Athletic Commission Melvina Lathan.  Talk about the pot calling the kettle black! (Cage Potato)

"If they hit one of the ladies, they will end up in the hospital 100%, if they are just drunk, I choke them out and let the bouncers take him outside, no need to refurnish a drunk man’s face, he’s drunk for crying out loud, doesn’t know what he’s doing. If they hit me, well, it has to be a sucker punch because once we square of I don’t get hit that often on the street, but with a sucker punch, I probably take him out with low kicks." - MMA legend Bas Rutten. Dang-a-dah, dang-a-dah, dang-a-dah! (Dream Fighters)

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