Day After Thoughts On UFC FN 17


I was entertained by the fights last night. There were a lot of commercials but that is to be expected from a free event on cable.

Anthony Johnson was disappointed with his performance but I thought he looked pretty solid. The fight definitely had that "only a matter of time" feel to it. Fiorvanti seemed as though he was just waiting to be knocked out. Johnson was telegraphing his kicks a bit. It was a good start to the night.

Josh Neer is a crazy fighter. He looked crazy and acted kinda crazy. Danzig's striking looked really good to me. I loved the way Mack set his feet underneath him and threw good combos from the pocket. Some of those combos were pretty standard and seemed to amuse Neer. My question is this; How does a guy as seasoned as Danzig get caught in a triangle the way he did? The big difference maker in this fight appeared to be top game. When Neer was on top Danzig was in danger. This was not the case when Danzig was on top.

Cain gets KO of the night? Is this a bonus that has to be given out? There was no KO last night IMO. Cain could not finish his fight in an entertaining fashion and fans don't like that. Why didn't Cain deliver knees to the body or just stand up? That fight was stopped on the basis of lameness. People talk about Cain's huge potential but I need to see more.

My favorite fight of the night was Veach vs Grice but that was not a fair stoppage. Veach was in worse shape on the ground early in the round and it wasn't stopped. Grice gets dropped and takes one clean shot and it is over? Laughable. Veach showed an old truth in fighting last night. A good chin and powerful hands are still a good combination of assets. Especially at 155lbs.

Joe Lauzon is awesome! I was never a fan of "Creepy Joe" until last night. Lauzon had complete and total control of that fight. He showed poise and skill. Stephens never had an answer. When I read Lauzon's pre fight comments I thought he sounded too cocky but the kid delivered. I love how he got it to the ground by attacking the leg over and over. His butterfly guard was almost artistic. The thing that comes to mind when I ponder this fight is "control, control, control". "Creepy Joe" is a great nickname but if Lauzon wants to be called J-Lau he has earned the respect to be called whatever he wants to be called. I am the newest J-Lau fan!

One Last thing: Rosholt needs to listen to his corner.

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