UFC Pay Per View Numbers Updated for 91-93





From Meltzer via MMA Payout:

 Update on PPV numbers. For UFC 91 (Brock Lesnar vs. Randy Couture), the show is at this point verified as doing 920,000 buys. It will probably end up just under or possibly just over one million when all late buys are tabulated. UFC 92 (triple main) is at 1 million. We don’t have a number for UFC 93 based on actual numbers, but trending data indicates about 320,000 buys, a shockingly high number, as it would have beat out the live UFC 90 from Chicago and been nearly 100,000 more buys than any prior U.K. show.


A few thoughts:

First, even though it's coming in just under a million, the number for 91 is still incredibly strong. Everybody thought Dana was full of hot air when he was predicting a million for that event, looks like he was almost spot on.

One million for UFC 92 is simply amazing. I never thought it was going to do as poorly as some predicted (I heard 400,000-500,000 a lot) with the 2 title fights plus Rampage-Wanderlei 3  but I don't think anyone could have guessed it would do nearly this well, and actually better than 91. It looks like the great card that was UFC 91 pulled in and kept a lot of new fans.

And finally if the early estimates of over 300K for 93 are correct then that is probably the most impressive number of all. Usually the tape delayed shows do about half that, if that number holds up then it's a great sign for the upcoming year because it appears as if the UFC made a ton of new fans over the last 2 months of 2008. With these kinds of numbers coming in I wouldn't be surprised if 94 did 1.4-1.5 million, I would actually be disappointed if it didn't break the all time UFC record with all the hype it received in the weeks leading up to the fight. If you're a fan of the UFC this is great news for the long term outlook of the sport.


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