Has War Machine Finally Learned?

Jon Koppenhaver, legally known as War Machine, has been in the headlines for all of the wrong reasons as of late.  We know all of his exploits over the years:

He reportedly choked a man unconscious during a street fight in San Diego.

He was originally kicked out of the UFC for saying rather insensitive things about Evan Tanner's unfortunate death last year.  Once officially cut from the UFC, not surprisingly, War Machine went off on a tangent and launched a rather impressive whine session.

And things got especially bad when he posted a MySpace note with the subject "**** an Obama," which was an immature tirade that ended with, "I hope someone smokes that ****er and every president to come until they can actually give us a candidate that is truly one of the people."

His rant about President Barack Obama led Bellator Fighting to cut him from the organization, as his comments were seen as inappropriate and damaging towards the organization.

To cap it off, he was arrested after a scuffle inside the Krave Nightclub & Lounge in Las Vegas, and it's possible the punches he threw at nightclub security staff could have him face jail time for probation violation.

Despite all this, it seems someone may have finally got some sense into War Machine.

His latest post on MySpace starts out with the following passage:

"First, I need to admit that my comment regarding Obama was completely out of line. In all sincerity I do not wish any harm done to the President and I realize that it was a very stupid thing to write so I am publicly apologizing to the President and to his supporters."

He continues:

"Looking back now, I realize that if I ran an up and coming professional organization like Bellator, I wouldn't want my event associated with a "wild card" posting crazy (expletive) about the President either. I understand why they did what they did. I admit that. I'm still pissed that I can't compete in the tournament, but there is no one I can be pissed at other than MYSELF."

He's in Las Vegas training at Xtreme Couture, and it's possible -- assuming he stays out of prison -- that he still has a pro fighting future.  If he finally cleans up his act and starts acting maturely, and gets a few solid victories, are you willing to forgive him, or is he forever damned to be just another punk?

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