Controversy: B.J. Penn Files Complaint That Georges St. Pierre Used Vaseline

Cage Potato reports:

B.J. Penn's camp has filed a formal complaint with the Nevada State Athletic Commission over Vaseline that was allegedly rubbed on Georges St. Pierre's back between rounds one and two.  UFC president Dana White said at the post-fight press conference that he was aware of the complaint, and said he personally witnessed members of the commission take the Vaseline away from GSP's camp and rebuke them in the Octagon between rounds.

"I saw the commission jump up there and flipping out," said Dana White.  They said one of the guys was rubbing Vaseline on Georges' back in between rounds.  It was one and two, I think."

"The guys from the athletic commission went up there and started screaming at them.  Knocked the Vaseline and kicked the Vaseline out of the Octagon."

White added that "some Vaseline on a guy's back didn't change the outcome of that fight, but you don't do it," and said the blame should fall on the cornerman responsible and not GSP.

"If a guy was intentionally putting Vaseline on a guy's back, he should never corner a mixed martial arts fight again."

MMA Frenzy has GSP's side of the story:

During a post-fight appearance on ESPN’s MMA Live St-Pierre explained that one of his trainers applied Vaseline to his face between the first and second rounds then rubbed his back with the same hand between the second and third rounds, accidentally applying some remaining Vaseline to his back. An NSAC official who witnessed the transfer had the Vaseline immediately wiped off with a towel.

Little is likely to come of the complaint as St-Pierre was already dominating Penn prior to the incident and the substance was immediately removed, ensuring that it had no effect on the bout’s outcome, however we’ll pass along more information on the situation when it becomes available.

Zach Arnold is calling for action from the Nevada State Athletic Commission:

If the NSAC agrees that indeed rules were violated, it will immediately taint St. Pierre’s dominant win over Penn. I realize and you realize that St. Pierre put on a dominant performance, but Penn’s camp has a perfectly legitimate gripe here if the accusations of vaseline usage (in this manner) are true. While Dana White tried to soften the blow of the allegations about possible illegal vaseline usage on St. Pierre, the fact that White is trying to deflect all the heat for the incident on a cornerman and not on St. Pierre is unacceptable.

As I laid out recently in a new article, the heat is on Keith Kizer and the NSAC. First, questions about Antonio Margarito (stemming from the California State Athletic Commission’s investigation into him). Second, questions promptly raised by Ivan Trembow regarding the NSAC not performing out-of-competition drug testing for the last two month’s worth of MMA shows. And now, you can add this brand new complaint filed by Penn’s camp against St. Pierre.

It doesn't seem like B.J. has much of a case that the vaseline cost him the fight as he was already being thoroughly dominated. Nevertheless, this appears to be blatantly bad cornering and should be fully investigated. Those who are not familiar with the stories of Japanese star Yoshihiro Akiyama should read up on a similar, even more flagrant case from Japan.

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