Is Anderson Silva Ducking Fights in the UFC?!?

Apparently some fans and media have strong opinions on what Anderson Silva is thinking or feeling concerning his possible title matches. Some have suggested, like Dan Henderson, that Anderson Silva has been ducking some fighters. Certain statements that have been made by Ed Soares might suggest that Anderson Silva is not happy with facing certain fighters, but there's is nothing to suggest that he's outright refused to face an opponent. 

The middle-weight champion faced two guys who probably did not deserve a title shot in Cote and Leites. He stepped up for the UFC to face James Irvin at 205 on short notice and defeated a former light-heavyweight champion in Forrest Griffin. Remember, James Irvin was not the Joe Silva's first choice as an opponent for the MW champ. Four LHW fighters turned down the opportunity to face Anderson Silva.

I don't know . . . so when I hear things like Anderson Silva is messing up the middle weight division with his fickle behavior, or his unwillingness to face certain fighters, my only response is WHAT?!? Where are you getting your information from? There's only two champions in the UFC actively seeking bigger challenges, BJ Penn and Anderson Silva. If anything else, blame Joe Silva and Dana White for the condition of the middleweight division, they set up his fights at 205lbs. Anyway forget for a second, everything that I just said and just pay attention to the words from the champ.

I want to fight and, if the doctor lets me to be back to training, I’ll train and I may fight with Dan Henderson, Vitor, I don’t choose opponent, dude. I’m here to fight anyone. If the weight matches, 195, or 205, or 185 pounds, if I have to fight, I’ll fight. Each one has an opinion and says what think is better, and I’m training to be back better than never to keep with my work, whoever my opponent is. I don’t have to prove anything to anyone. I get there to do my job and there’s nowhere to run, that our life. Of course I have my personal opinion about some people attitudes, but it has no influence on UFC’s decision to make one fight or other. I want to defend my title and my personal interests, of course, and you gotta have strategy inside and outside the octagon. I’m crazy to grab somebody, I’m crazy to kick asses. - Anderson Silva

Source: Tatame October 2009

The 200% elbow non-controversy? Whether you want to believe that he's using his elbow as an excuse to stall matches is another issue in itself. Many stories get leaked to the internet without verification. It is what it is, you will believe what you want. I'll just sit back and wait for the next time he enters the Octagon and face Vitor Belfort.

End note:

  1. Yes, I'm a fan.
  2. We already know that he's not facing Machida or Rogerio Noguiero
  3. He's not so crazy about fight his fellow country men.
  4. Does Matt Hughes still think he can match up against Anderson Silva?
  5. Dan Henderson? Nate Marquardt? Please???

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