MFC 23 "Unstoppable" Live Play-by-Play, Results and Commentary

Former UFC middleweight contenders Thales Leites and Dean Lister will each look to improve their public images in the main event of tonight's MFC 23. Photo via ProMMA.

Canada's top promotion - Mark Pavelich's Maximum Fighting Championship - returns tonight with its fourth and final show of 2009 in Edmonton, Alberta, and will have you covered with live results and play-by-play, beginning with the start of HDNet's broadcast at 10PM Eastern.

A pair of middleweight bouts featuring ex-UFC talent top the card: Thales Leites and Dean Lister will look to shake their "boring" tags in the main event, while Jason MacDonald (winner of just one in his last five) tries to reverse his fortune against TUF alum Solomon Hutcherson. The winners will likely vie for the vacant MFC 185-pound strap in 2010.

Also featured on the televised card: 205-pound prospect Ryan Jimmo goes for his twelfth straight against Emanuel Newton, and Bryan Baker will try to put his name in the middleweight title mix when he tangles with veteran Art "Pachuco" Santore.

Quick Results
Thales Leites def. Dean Lister via unanimous decision
Jason MacDonald def. Solomon Hutcherson via split decision
Ryan Jimmo def. Emanuel Newton via unanimous decision
Bryan Baker def. Art Santore via unanimous decision
Dwayne Lewis def. Marvin Eastman via KO (punch) R1 4:58
Jesse Juarez  def. Joe Christopher via unanimous decision
Nick Penner def. Ryan Fortin via sub (RNC) R2 3:31
Ryan Machan def. Kajan Johnson via sub (RNC) R1 3:30
Billy Hua def. Kenny Hamilton via TKO (punches) R2 0:20

Main Card

MW: Thales Leites (14-3) vs. Dean Lister (11-6)

Round 1: Lister grabs a single leg and sits down - and we're off! Lister clings tight to the underside of Leites, who spins out, back to the feet and disengages. Sharp leg kicks from Leites, but he gets sloppy with his punches and Lister ties him up. Lister shoots and Leites snares a guillotine, but releases quickly when he realizes it's not tight. They're standing toe-to-toe when the round ends. 10-9 Leites for actually landing strikes.

Round 2: Leites getting the better of the striking exchange early, before Lister grabs another single and goes koala again. The Brazilian thumps away with hammerfists to the body from atop Lister. Now an exasperated Leites stands over a butt-scooting Lister - the irony. 10-9 Leites.

Round 3: The final round of the evening is underway and Thales Leites continues to try and have a fight with the zombified corpse of Dean Lister. (Only, instead of brains, Zombie Lister has an unquenchable thirst for deep half guard.) Lister continually clings to Leites, not really making any effort to finish the fight, or even damage his opponent. 10-9 Leites. It would be 10-8, but for as little as Lister did to Leites, he didn't absorb much punishment either. scores the bout 30-27 Leites.

Thales Leites (15-3) def. Dean Lister (11-7) via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)


MW: Jason MacDonald (21-13) vs. Solomon Hutcherson (11-5, 1 NC)

Round 1: MacDonald gets an immediate takedown, then quickly gets to full mount. Hutcherson rolls and MacDonald locks up a triangle, but the Canadian is forced to relent the choke when Hutcherson stands drops MacDonald on his head. MacDonald grabs a single and drags Solomon down again. Not much striking from MacDonald, who is working dilligently to pass half guard when Hutcherson sweeps and gets on top. MacDonald works from the bottom and takes Hutcherson's back beautifully, cinching up a tight body triangle. Hutcherson defends the RNC attempt ably, so MacDonald goes to a crossface/neck crank. MacDonald catches Hutcherson slipping and snares the choke, but Hutcherson just barely gets his chin underneath and survives. MacDonald changes to an armbar with seconds left. Easy round for "The Athlete." 10-9 MacDonald.

Round 2: Hutcherson spends the first 2 1/2 minutes of the round in the open half-guard of MacDonald, scooting him around the ring. MacDonald throws an elbow from underneath which causes Solomon to try and pass, but MacDonald uses the opening to take Hutcherson's back again. Same as last round, MacDonald locks up the body triangle and goes for the mata leão. Unable to finish with the choke, MacDonald goes topside and tries for an arm-triangle, but it comes from a tough angle and Hutcherson escapes that as well just as the frame ends. 10-9 MacDonald.

Round 3: MacDonald pulls guard, Hutcherson follows him down, and MacDonald sweeps. Now Jason gets to full mount and goes to Hutcherson's left for the arm-triangle again... and again Solomon escapes, reversing into MacDonald's rubber guard. Halfway through the final round and Hutcherson doesn't look like he's got enough left in the tank to finish this (and he needs to). Ref stands 'em up. MacDonald clubs Hutcherson with a slow-motion right hand before shooting a slow-motion single-leg and winding up beneath Solomon. Rubber guard from MacDonald as he punches and elbows away to the final bell. 10-9 MacDonald. scores the bout 30-27 MacDonald.

Jason MacDonald (21-13-1) vs. Solomon Hutcherson (11-5-1, 1 NC) ruled a split draw (28-28, 29-28, 28-29)

Both men are incredulous when the result is read, each thinking they'd won. I don't blame MacDonald, but Hutcherson is dreaming. While he was tough and managed to break free of every sub attempts MacDonald threw at him, I don't see how any judge could call that fight in his favor.

[UPDATE] In between the first and second rounds of the main event, HDNet announces that the scores have been re-calculated and Jason MacDonald declared the winner by split decision.

Jason MacDonald (22-13) def. Solomon Hutcherson (11-6, 1 NC) via split decision (29-28, 29-28, 28-29)


LHW: Ryan Jimmo (11-1) vs. Emanuel Newton (12-5-1)

Round 1: Bit of feeling out for the first 90 seconds, both guys flashing head kicks. Newton moves in and clinches, putting Jimmo's back to the ropes, but Jimmo's keeping it under control with a whizzer. Some dirty boxing and now Newton gets the underhooks and a trip, but Jimmo pops back up. Another trip - this time Newton follows down to side control, but Jimmo again stands effortlessly. With neither guy doing any real damage or doing anything with their position, I've got this one 10-10, though I could see it for Newton.

Round 2: Early on in the second, Jimmo connecting with pretty much everything (jabs, kicks to the body) until Newton decides to tie up. Literally the entire rest of the frame is Newton trying to shove Jimmo into the ringpost. Jimmo still managed to get off some clean shots, while Newton landed almost no offense of substance. 10-9 Jimmo.

Round 3: Newton goes back to shoving Jimmo into the corner, this time more aggressively, trying to drag him to the floor. Jimmo executes a perfect trip and sends Newton flying, then lets him up. Lovely head kick connects for Jimmo, but barely fazes Newton. With two minutes left, Newton's got Jimmo back in the corner. They finally break and begin to open up in center ring. Newton catches Jimmo with a flush hook which Jimmo literally shrugs off before being put back in his corner. Jimmo turns it around and unloads with a flurry of arm punches to the bell. 10-9 Jimmo. scores the bout 30-28 Jimmo.

Ryan Jimmo (12-1) def. Emanuel Newton (12-6-1) via unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28)


MW: Bryan Baker (10-1) vs. Art Santore (18-6)

Round 1: Both men swinging away early, nothing much connecting until Santore gets inside with a sneaky right that backs Baker up. Not for long though, as Baker's soon pressing forward with more leg kicks and jabs. Left hand puts Santore on his back, but Baker hesitates to follow him down and instead stands over Santore throwing punches and axe kicks to the gut. Two minutes left. Santore wheels away after Baker catches him with an accidental eye poke, but he's fine (though now bloodied) and they resume quickly. On his back, Santore grabs a leg and drags Baker to the mat, wrenching a kneebar. Baker whacks away with heels to the hip of Santore until he relents the hold. Baker grabshis own triangle as the round expires. Santore's cut badly - this might not go to the second frame. 10-9 Baker.

Round 2: Santore's allowed to continue on, despite a few ugly cuts on the nose and face. The older fighter starting to get inside on Baker now. Just as Baker's punches begin to look lazy and wooden, he tightens up and resumes jabbing away at the face of Santore. The legs of Santore clearly troubling him as Baker persists with a steady diet of leg kicks. 90 seconds remain and this is turning into a toughman competition, sloppy boxing with both guys just eating shot after shot. 10-9 Baker.

Round 3: Guy Mezger asserts that Santore is "slowly losing a good fight." He's right about the first part. Baker slips on a high kick with two minutes left in the bout and Santore dives into his guard with a quickness. Baker raining down brutal elbows on the crown of Santore's head. Art passes to side control as the 10-second marker sounds, but it's too late. Santore jumps up before Baker as the horn sounds and raises his arms as if victorious. 10-9 Santore. scores the bout 29-28 Baker.

Bryan Baker (11-1) def. Art Santore (18-7) via unanimous decision (29-28, 30-27, 29-28)


LHW: Marvin Eastman (16-11-1) vs. Dwayne Lewis (9-4)

Round 1: Eastman executes a textbook high double-leg and plows Lewis into the ringpost. Lewis ties up the arms of the Beastman, before Marvin steps over and into half guard. Lewis restores guard, Eastman punching away to the body as Lewis' head slips through the ropes. Eastman wisely turns Lewis out of the corner, but referee John Braak moves them to center ring anyway. The pro-Lewis crowd cheers as Braak stands them up after a few moments of inactivity from Eastman on top. Lewis bullies Eastman into the corner, but Eastman answers with a clinch and some nice body shots. As Eastman grabs the neck of Lewis to send some knees up the gut, Lewis catches Marvin with a sneaky uppercut that puts the veteran down with just seconds left. Lewis continues to punch away as the referee tries to pull him off the dazed Eastman.

Dwayne Lewis (10-4) def. Marvin Eastman (16-12-1) via KO (punch) at 4:58 of round one


WW: Joe Christopher (8-2) vs. Jesse Juarez (11-5)

Round 1: Christopher shoots early, but it's Juarez who sprawls and winds up on top in Joe's spider guard. Juarez looks for the rear-naked while Christopher tries for a kneebar, then a toe hold. The referee steps in to halt the fighters, who are somewhat entangled in the ropes, just as Christopher wrenches the toe hold. The ref then proceeds to... do absolutely nothing, then restarts them in exactly the same spot. Juarez muscles Christopher into the corner, but Joe's doing well to keep Jesse wrapped up. Juarez briefly gets full mount, but Christopher turns over and escapes. 10-9 Juarez, despite not doing a ton of damage from the top.

Round 2: Second round begins same as the first, with Christopher shooting but Juarez taking top position. Referee stands them up after 90 seconds of scooting around; both men look spent already as they quickly take it back to the mat. Juarez in Christopher's full guard, neither man mounting any offense. Christopher leans forward and snares a tight looking guillotine, which allows him to escape from beneath Juarez. With the choke loosening as the men get to their feet, Juarez lassos Christopher with one arm and slams him to the mat with authority. Gotta give another round to Juarez 10-9.

Round 3: Both guys looking pretty spent, but moreso Christopher, who is quickly on his back once again here. The ref admonishes Joe to "show me you're still in this fight." Juarez landing peppering shots as he scoots around the cage with Christopher, who's going into desperation mode, grabbing for armbars and guillotines. 2:30 left and they're stood up. Juarez shoots a single this time, and Christopher catches another guillotine. It's not tight, so he tries to flip it into a crucifix, but Juarez escapes. Ref stands 'em up with 10 seconds left in the fight, and they manage to get back to the ground. 10-9 Juarez. scores the bout 30-27 Juarez.

Jesse Juarez (12-5) def. Joe Christopher (8-3) via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)


Preliminary Bouts (Non-Televised)
HW: Nick Penner (9-1) def. Ryan Fortin (3-2) via submission (rear-naked choke) at 3:31 of round two
LW: Ryan Machan (10-3) def. Kajan Johnson (17-11-1) via submission (rear-naked choke) at 3:30 of round one
LW: Billy Hua (1-3) def. Kenny Hamilton (1-2) via TKO (punches) at 0:20 of round two

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