How's Taste My Tweet Tweet? Mixed Martial Arts on Twitter for the Last Week of 2009


A few updates on what's been going on in the MMA Twittersphere.



"2nd check from Fight Mafia has bounced. its now three months since my fight without receiving a dime from them. this is truth. not slander... nows the part where fight mafia says they're big fans and have nothing but support for me. too bad my mortgage co doesn't take good wishes."  -Nate Quarry, do they take bread crumbs?

"It's sad cuz it was such a cool shirt. He bragged about selling 1000 shirts in 4 days of listing them for sale. that's $38,000 folks... if Fight Mafia intended to pay they would've sent a certified check. sendin 2 bad checks is amazing... when you write a check you either have the funds or you dont. so write a certified check if you do.dont send bad checks. especially not two... a published story will be coming out with fight mafias responses and false promises to me. i've done my job. i deserve to be paid."  -Nate Quarry

"apparently i'm unprofessional for warning fighters and fans of unscrupulous companies that dont pay. my apologies... i wonder if i had gotten paid but i didnt fight if they would be as understanding. "sorry i didnt fight. let me write you a bad check"... fight mafia flew to the UK for the ufc. while owing me money. thats not bad times. thats bad business.."  -Nate Quarry, gets called "unprofessional" for being vocal about unprofessional people..

"Fight Mafia promises to make good on debt by mid of Jan. Believe me, I will be just as loud when he honors his agreement."  -Nate Quarry, see, it worked! (or might work)



"2010 is nearly upon us. Lets all get our shit together collectively, fuckers. Together we are stronger...2010 I plan on using twitter for inspiration, for a humorous outlet to entertain, and to spot douche bags. More of the same, actually"  -Joe Rogan, has a new years resolution to stay the same.

"I'm in a bad mood. still waiting to hear when I'm gonna fight."  -Jay Hieron, the reason he signed with Strikeforce instead of the UFC is to get a title shot.. It seems like the new year won't be any different.

"I'm deathly afraid of hippos"  -Daniel Cormier, should stay away from the HW division.

"gray was looking at my tweets & laughing at me cause all I eat is chicken. I told him maybe If I eat enough I can grow wings & fly.."  -Jay Hieron, I think Nick Diaz can teach you how to do that.

"only wear rashguards when training or surfing. no other time. i don't care how muscley your muscles are."  -Nate Quarry, giving douche proof tips for 2010.

"I hope you all had a great xmas. New Years is almost here! Yes. 2010 will be my year. 09 was a rebuild."  -Tito Ortiz, has the same resolution as last year..

"Just got HUGE fight contract, will announce soon!!"  -Seth Petruzelli, will rematch Kimbo at 2010?

"I really wanna fight N @bellatormma 's welt. tourney.I need U guys to blow up their Twitter pg w/requests 4 me 2 get in. Help me out! ...Send all your requests to @Bellatormma ! A petition to get Jason High into the upcoming tourney. Thanks in advance.."  -Jason High, starts a twitter movement so he can fight for Bellator in 2010.


"Well… it’s over. Training camp for UFC 108 has officially ended. I did my last day of boxing with Steve Maze this morning and it’s all smooth sailing from here. Tonight I will pop into the gym to see everyone and we fly out tomorrow afternoon.... I should be packed and ready, but I haven’t started yet. I figure its 5:30 now… so I can procrastinate for another hour or so before I head to the gym… then I can play some MW2 and put packing off until tomorrow morning too. But… then I am going to sleep until 10 or so… rush around like an idiot throwing things in my suitcase before rushing to the airport. It’s not the first time and it won’t be the last.... Luckily, anything I forget can be bought in Vegas"  -Joe Lauzon, and his brother will be fighting at UFC 108

"Best weight ever for you RT @DanyLauzon: -163-"  -Joe Lauzon


"Went to Legoland 2 yrs ago. Took a picture in frnt of an MGM Lego bldg. Said I'll fight here someday. Im here @ MGM fighting on Jan 2nd."  -Mark Munoz, he was talking about this picture.

"Check out @JoeLauzon Video blog of his Last Day of Training -BJ Penn

"Thx for all the support! Ive had an amazing camp w/ gr8 ppl around. I worked extremely hard & now its time to rest, make w8 & compete hard!"  -Mark Munoz, takes on Ryan Jensen at UFC 108

"Well the news is out. I am not fighting feb 6 UFC 109. Do due to injury. I will be good to go back to training in a couple weeks I hope!! ...It's all good & I'll get my body rested & back to the top real soon. Keep checking my Twitter & I'll post news on my recovery."  -Josh Koscheck

"I still don't know who I am fighting yet. It doesn't matter cause I'm gonna bring the ruckus fo sho."  -Miguel Torres

" I usually start camp around 177-180 lbs. Half way through I usually stay between 168-171 lbs. It's an easy cut from there."  -Gray Maynard

"excited to spar with Jon Jones tomorrow and catch up, great guy, bright future, Albuqurque this wknd... Training with Rolles Gracie tomorrow in Holmdel NJ, can't wait."  -Brian Stann, will be facing newly signed prospect, Phil Davis on UFC 109

"Just destroyed 2 big macs... Just got done with practice, my cardio sucks, too much christmas food"  -Brett Cooper, and big macs.

" - Merry X-Mas Eve Everyone!! Hope your relaxing more than us!! ...Yes, Herschel has been training with us for his upcoming fight. Even training on Holidays!"  -Mike Swick




"Ohh shit I'm getting pulled over on the 215."  -Jay Hieron, I think it's great that the first thing he does in a situation like that is to tweet about it.

"I was speeding. The cop let me go he was cool he is a fan he said good luck on my next fight. YES SIRRRRR.. Lol"  -Jay Hieron, the cop probably read the tweet and decided to let him go.

"There is an internet rumor that i announced my retirement. Dont believe evrythng u read!!!"  -Rich Franklin, I don't believe you!

"for those who don't know, the guy that is performing a kick in my trademark ins't me but my father."  -Lyoto Machida, talking about this logo.



"it was only 80 dollars difference, so I got the 37", now I have no money :(, I need to fight... I'd rather enjoy myself and be poor, then have money and not enjoy watching snatch and fifth element"  -Brett Cooper, well he does drive a hard bargain bringing up Snatch.

"Who's got the Lightsaber app for iPhone?? U can make ur own profile and shit. Guess what I named my guy....Jason Highwalker, don't hate."  -Jason High

"Check out @BrettCoopermma 's awesome Fight Finder pic. /via @3mmamay:::yea Brett, you look like half a psycho, wait..."  -Jason High

"@KCbandit I look like I want to stomp some testicles haha"  -Brett Cooper




"Magnum"  -Miguel Torres


"I'm going to punch that look right off your face"  -Kurt Pellegrino, is jealous that Miguel found a new BFF?

"you need to learn how to punch first chief. Your hands are useless like knowledge of exotic cheeses."  -Miguel Torres

"haha I'm going to tap u out then knock u down again"  -Kurt Pellegrino



"I just saw Avatar! It is the best movie I've seen this century."  -Dave Camarillo

"I just saw Dave's tweet about Avatar. Best tweet about Avatar I've seen this century!"  -Mike Swick

"RT @Michael_Beastly just saw Swick's retweet about Daves tweet about Avatar. Best retweet about a tweet about Avatar i've seen this century!"  -Mike Swick

"For everyone who hasn't seen Avatar: spoiler alert- you will want to bone the blue chick."  -Mayhem Miller

"The avatar buzz is irresistible. Its getting to the point where I feel like a loser because I haven't seen it yet. I'm such a sheep"  -Joe Rogan

"Sherlock Holmes is a great movie but Avatar in 3D was better !"  -CB "Kanye West" Dollaway, hey Sherlock, I'ma let you finish...

" - Avatar in 3D in the front row with @michaelcardella"  -Natasha Wicks




"Me & my little bro :) Hope you're all with the ones you love today. Sending you my love from the snow! Merry Christmas x"  -Logan Stanton


" - Baking cookies! Merry Christmas Eve everyone :)"  -Natasha Wicks


"Christmas brings me closer to Rayn Camarillo!"  -Dave Camarillo


"Festivous Cookies"  -Miguel Torres


"Bakin a cheese cake and I hope this joint makes it...Oh yeah here's the pic"  -Phil "Mr. Wonderful" Davis, is a keeper.




"At 3d cutz my barber shop in Burque NM.... Where my girl fans at shut them fashion haters up plZ!!!! And there's not a gay bone in my body women are gods greatest gift:)"  -Diego Sanchez, on the people hating on his outfit.


"Me and my Lil bro dancing live it up and let loose Like a goose!!! F what people think!"  -Diego Sanchez


"ask for the nightmare fade, 4 on top with a clean line up. I love this haircut it's here to stay..!"  -Diego Sanchez, so YUS cartwheel, and Nightmare fade. Got it.


"Thank you to all my fans and twitterheads:) I promise to make this the most interactive real journal experiance... FOLLOW ME!"  -Diego Sanchez, 90% of those who read that tweet already is... 80% of stats are all made up.



" - Not everyone knows this, yes those are all medals! I was quite an athlete :)"  -Natasha Wicks


" - Eatin mexican food w/ @michaelcardella and his fam in CO! Mmm... - My lil sis Kelly and me at "Last Men on Earth... - Me and Amanda Latona getting ready for City Center! Kiss kiss -Natasha Wicks




" - signing the wall at Lorenzo's gym in November, a true honor! Great names signed there."  -Shogun Rua


"Ull be my american boy....... Girls..... NIGHT!!!! ... Car drive..lil buhddha...yummmmmmyyy... Striking a pose before our girls night. :) cheers! "  -Arianny Celeste




"@MiguelTorresMMA @UrijahFaber @SmoothOne"  -Miguel Torres, 135, 145, and 155.




"Rubbin the buddha for good luck! :) about to change and leave to mma awards!"  -Arianny Celeste


"Omg just did the red carpet...thank goodness for double stick tape!!"  -Arianny Celeste, hey, this isn't where I parked my car!


"Best seat in the house with @willyville"  -Arianny Celeste, Mandy Moore, and now Arianny?


"Me, @ariannyceleste: And anne rivera about to walk to the red carpet for the @fightersonlyusa world mma awards!"  -Tracy Lee


"@wandfc And his family about to walk the red carpet this evening... How cute!"  -Tracy Lee, Chris Leben?


"Haha, Belater, she wasn't even close RT @MiddleEasy: Did anyone else hear the chick mispronounce @bellatormma ?"  -MMA Convert


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