Top 7 Frustrating Fighters

Happy holiday season my fellow BE readers!  This is my first fan post.  Enjoy.

This is a list of fighters who I find frustrating to watch.  Some of them are really good fighters but somehow find a way to lose every time.  Some of them have become tentative over time and you know they can be a force again if they put it together.  Some of them just have terrible game plans.  Here is the list:


7) Stephan Bonnar

I love Bonnar but at the same time I realize he will never be a contender.  I understand losing to Jon Jones, but Coleman?  Come on.  From TUF 1 to now, I haven't really seen any improvements from Bonnar.  The striking is still pretty decent but the lack of ability to finish is really hurting Bonnar.  His takedown defense has not shown any improvements either which is one of the reasons contributing to his loss against Coleman.


6) Andrei Arlovski

AA looked really good, and was doing well against Fedor and it happened.  While he was doing well at a distance, I don't know why Andrei chose to launch himself at Fedor.  He could've used strikes to close the distance instead of using the ill-fated flying knee.  The end result might not have been that much different, but Andrei would have few more healthy brain cells instead of KTFO'd.


5) Cheick Kongo

World class striker without ANY ground skills at all.  Kongo has displayed a decent chin, great striking and good GnP.  You know he would be a force if he has better takedown defense, yet for some reasons, we just haven't seen any improvements in that area of his game.  Imagine how scary Kongo would be if he has some ground skills, even just defensively like Bisping. 


4) Mirko Cro Cop

I still think the Gonzaga knockout has done some permanent damage to Cro Cop mentally.  We no longer see the once feared predator, but a tentative fighter who is fighting not to lose instead of trying to win.  Without being able to use the ring to corner an opponent, Cro Cop in UFC is not as effective as the one we saw in Pride.  I love Cro Cop and I would love nothing but see him succeed again.  Hope the sport psychiatrist could really put him back on the track. 


3) Brandon Vera

For whatever reasons, Brandon Vera seems to have lost the killer instinct that brought him much success at the beginning of his career.  Even though Vera has stepped up his conditioning and rededicate himself to the sport, his lack of determination remains his Achilles' heel.


2) Jorge Gurgel

As exciting as he is, one have to wonder how well he could've done if he uses his ground skills even sparingly.  A black belt under Marcus Aurelio, Gurgel has legitimate grounds skills but elects to stand and bang with opponents.  His reluctance to utilize his best weapon results in him being cut by the UFC after several Fight of the Night honours.


1) Denis Kang

Man.  Where do I start?  Being a fellow Canadian from Vancouver and the same BJJ lineage, I became a fan naturally.  When UFC signed Kang, I was so excited, and started telling my friends how great he is and how he is going to be a contender at 185.  First Alan Belcher, and recently Michael Bisping.  Given both are no slouches, these guys are beatable.  Especially when he gained the mount against Bisping, I was literally yelling : 'Come on Denis, finish him!'  Give credit to Bisping for his shrimping and constantly getting back to half guard, but Denis could've done way more damage. And who knows what could have happened then even after Bisping wasn't finished in the first round.  What if he didn't put himself into Mousasi's triangle choke? Argh, what ifs ........


Who is the most frustrating fighter for you?

\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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