Frank Mir Denies Steroids Played a Role in His Growth

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Steve Cofield talks to Mir:

"I'm not gonna steer that route. The UFC drug tests the hell out of us. I get randomly drug tested all the time because I'm with the UFC. I'm sure there's a way around everything but that's a lot of stress." 

Mir said it would be too much to deal with before a fight. He told Cagewriter that he was incredibly lean with low body fat at UFC 100. After the fight, he immediately ballooned up to 265 pounds. He worked with elite former Strongman contestant Mark Philippi to add the bulk and strength the right way. Mir is hoping to be walking around at 280 pounds by his next fight. 

Full Mir interview is in the extended entry.

Brent Brookhouse had some commentary on the steroid issue at

It would be pure ignorance to think that baseball players, football players, boxers, swimmers, bicyclists, soccer players...etc all use steroids while mixed martial artists are pure.  There is, undoubtedly, a large group of fighters who are using and as was the case with MLB many of the names would probably shock the fanbase.  However, we can not resort to pointing fingers at every fighter who achieves a high level of success or goes through physical changes as being "on something."  That is not vigilance, it is irresponsible and won't do anything to help the sport.

We, as MMA fans, can make an effort to clean up our sport by contacting and pushing athletic commissions and individual promotions to make testing more stringent.  This could be achieved by random testing of licensed fighters both in and out of competition, scheduled testing of fighters up to one month before a fight, and the holy grail...blood testing.

However, push for something as serious as blood testing would likely be met with a push by fighters to form a union which is something that a promotion like the UFC is already working behind the scenes to prevent from ever happening.  Because of this want to avoid fighter unionization the UFC would likely never get on board with pushing for much more than some form of watered down random testing.  And while it is up to state athletic commissions to make the rules as they control the licenses it is very clear that much of the time these AC's are making moves based on what promotions and promoters desire.

For now we'll have to settle for small moves like California using a form of random testing which was what led to Josh Barnett being popped for a positive. Barnett's positive test was the first domino to fall in the eventual collapse of Affliction MMA.  It was a moment that was handled incorrectly by the MMA media as Josh being an isolated case rather than proving the impact that even small changes to testing procedures can have on a sport.

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