9 Funniest Non-fight moments of the last decade

I wanted to do something a little different since its a dead time in MMA and everyone and their mother puts up countdown lists. I tried to find nine funny MMA moments that did not happen during a fight. These guys have fairly interesting lives outside of the cage and when they give us a little glimpse of their lifestyle it can lead to laughter. These are by no means the best of the best moments, but they were the ones I could find video on...Please remind me of what I missed in the comments.....and have a happy and healty Holiday Season!



Wanderlei Silva chokes out Mauro Ranallo

Some fans would like to see a repeat of this scene everytime they have to listen to Mauro during a Strikeforce telecast. But this is still a pretty funny moment.....


Rampage Jackson doggie humps a Japanese reporter


Rampage being Rampage.....the funniest part of this video is Mirko CroCop's reaction at the end......


Mirko Filipovic punks Mauro Ranallo


Up to this point no one really knew Crocop had a sense of humor of any kind, evidence by Mauro's reaction when he thinks Crocop is serious in this clip....I still laugh at this.....


Rampage Jackson dry humps female reporter


Yes...there is quite a bit of Rampage on this list and yes humping female reporters seems to be a habit of his. Doesn't make it any less funny.....


Ramapage Jackson does his Chuck Liddell impersonation


This one speaks for itself.....



King Moe Lawal and Rampage Jackson get introduced to each other


This one still gets me smiling. King Moe lost this round, I would love to see another round between these two.....


Mark Coleman and Wanderlei Silva make a commercial


Maybe the funniest thing since the creation of television.


Mark Coleman Misses the top rope.


Alright...I didn't ignore the rules, I just bent them a little. This happened directly after a fight still in the ring, but in good conscious I could not leave this off the list. I would love to see Mark try to jump to the top of the cage....



And now for the Atomic Butt Drop


Now I am breaking the rule. This was Randy's greatest broadasting moment. And maybe the closest Pride came to a death in the ring....


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