KSW 12 Live Results


85kg (187 lbs) Tournament Finals
#9: Vitor Nobrega (8-1) def. Aslambek Saidov (5-2) via unanimous decision R4 3:00

Round 1: After a minute of feeling out, Nobrega plows Saidov down with a double leg into the ringpost. Looks like he'll take an easy mount for his trademark arm-triangle choke, but Saidov gives a struggle and Nobrega can't extract his left leg from half guard. Saidov powers out and flips Nobrega over. Nobrega snares Saidov's right arm and nearly extends it, but Saidov slams his way free. Nobrega still keeping Saidov in tight guard. Now Saidov lets Nobrega up and catches him with a few punches and a knee that puts the Portuguese fighter on wobbly legs. Nobrega clinches, survives and takes Saidov down again with a minute left, and Saidov reverses again. Round has to go 10-9 Nobrega on the strength of his submission attempts, but Saidov did land the only effective strikes.

Round 2: Saidov catches Nobrega with a glancing right hand in the corner, and Nobrega covers up as Saidov tries to capitalize... but ends up merely flailing and arm-punching until Nobrega recovers and takes him down. Back to the feet and Nobrega is allowing Saidov to back him into corners, where Nobrega simply cowers as Saidov throws bombs. Fortunately for Nobrega, Saidov's aim is terrible and he's soon able to take the Polish fighter down again. They're stood up once more and Nobrega is soon in a corner with Saidov leaping at him with knees. 10-9 Saidov this time.

Round 3: Saidov goes to the body to open the round, but Nobrega soon puts him on his back again. The ref stands them up and both guys look exhausted as they clamber to their feet. Nobrega shoots a single from way out this time, but somehow finishes it off. Nobrega passing to Saidov's left, but again is trapped in half guard. Some half-hearted punches to the body from Nobrega as the ref looks for a reason to restart them again. Saidov scrambles and escapes with 60 seconds left on the clock. He backs Nobrega into a corner again and start opening up with straight rights and lefts... then gets taken down again to finish off the fight. 10-9 Nobrega.

Judges declare this one a draw through three, so we'll go to a three-minute extension round.

Round 4: Nobrega weathers a few flurries from Saidov before dragging him down and passing. Saidov works him back to guard, then pushes Nobrega off of him with pure determination. Saidov backs Nobrega into the corner again, tags him with a left hand and then a knee... but Nobrega shoots in and puts Saidov on the floor once more. One minute remaining. Saidov is completely inactive from the bottom, but so is Nobrega from the top. Saidov reverses with 45 seconds left, but doesn't do much. Referee calls for action, then stands them up with 15 seconds on the clock. Both men are all smiles as the final bell sounds. Nobrega doesn't look as confident at the end of this round as he did the third, and with good reason. Neither guy had a clear advantage in this round, but it'll probably go to Saidov.

Wow! Judges give it to Nobrega. Saidov looks gobsmacked.


#8: Dean Amasinger (6-1) def. Maciej Gorski (7-4) via submission (guillotine choke) R1 3:00

Nice win for the former TUF cast member. Amasinger slammed his way out of an early triangle, then passed guard nicely and locked up a tight arm-in guillotine.


#7: Mariusz Pudzianowski (1-0) def. Marcin Najman (0-1) via TKO (punches) R1 0:43

Pudzian comes out with massive, chopping leg kicks, then pounces when Najman falls over and pounds away with fury until the (presumably terrified) referee jumps in to pry him off.


105kg (231 lbs) Tournament Semifinals
#6: David Olivia (4-0) def. Daniel Omielanczuk (1-2) via unanimous decision R2 5:00

via mmarocks_pl: "Baziak broke his thumb, Omielanczuk will replace him against David Olivia"
and "Bedorf is out of the semifinal because of exhaustion, the whole semifinal is scrapped, good job KSW"

#5: James Zikic (18-5-2) def. Daniel Dowda (5-3) via unanimous decision R2 5:00

105kg (231 lbs) Tournament Quarterfinals
#4: Konstantin Gluhov (6-4) def. Daniel Omielanczuk (1-1) via decision R3 3:00
#3: Karol Bedorf (6-1) def. Arunas Vilius (0-1-1) via submission (kimura) R2 2:16
#2: David Olivia (3-0) def. Wojciech "The Gentleman" Orlowski (2-2) via submission (punches) R1 2:51
#1: Dawid Baziak (6-1) def. Maxim Grishin (4-4) via decision R3 3:00

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