New Details on the Mark Miller / Deray Davis Cancellation

After our last update in which we had ULTMMA getting a statement from Knock Out Representation there was a report on The Underground stating that Mark Miller and Deray Davis had been promised a fight on the next Strikeforce card and had "been compensated."  I decided to speak to Miller's representation myself to clarify.

When asked if they had now been paid their win bonus as the Underground post insinuated:

Mark was not given his win money.. the fight being cancelled also caused us to miss out on the sponsor $ that were under contract.  As you know often the sponsorships can exceed what the fighter was set to make for his actual fight night salary. 
I can not speak for what happened with the promotion.. We just know the fight was scrapped and are obviously disappointed.  What can ya do?  We look forward to hearing from Strikeoforce very shortly to schedule a new bout.  Either way we greatly appreciate our partners-Jaco Clothing, Hayabusa, World Fight Shop, Immortal Apparel, Guerrilla Fight, Another Dimension Tatoos and Rockwell Watches.  We look forward to Mark fighting in the VERY near future. 
So it is clear that they were not paid anything but the show money by the promotion and I would assume that at this point they won't be getting any more for this event.

Knock Out Representation on if Strikeforce has indeed promised them a fight on the next card:
nothing has been promised as of yet. 
Again, clearly there has been no activity since the show to make things right with the fighters.

Even more upsetting is the fact that both fighters are local and sold several tickets to their friends, family, and training partners.  While exact numbers are not known, MMA Recap has estimated that somewhere between 120-150 tickets were sold between the two fighters.  In a 12,000 capacity venue, that's roughly 1% of all the fans showed up to watch that specific fight.  MMA Recap has also confirmed that several of these fans tried to get a refund as the only fight they came to see live did not happen.  These fans were told, "Card is subject to change" and were denied their refund.
I continue to await a response from Strikeforce on what has become a very disappointing story for a promotion that put on such a big event.  I will continue to bring you any information on this story as it becomes available.

Update by Brent Brookhouse:

I will be speaking to Strikeforce about the situation Tuesday afternoon.  Information will follow at that point.

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