Fedor beatable, could not win UFC title!

Last night Fedor looked good.  He did everything he needed to dismantle a young up and comer in Brett Rogers.  I will not pretend that Rogers may have been a bit over rated, but he was still undefeated and the best opponent Fedor had faced in some time.

Fedor won the fight, but he showed that he is not ready to attack the premier fighters of the UFC!

Here is a link with even more of my thoughts on this issue

Throughout the fight Fedor showed two blatant weaknesses.  The inability to work off of the cage, and his willingness to take a punch off of his back for a submission attempt.


Back against the cage... (why he would lose to Randy)

Think back to the Randy Couture vs. Gabriel Gonzaga fight.  Randy employed his incredible game of dirty boxing and landed a fight changing slam off of the cage.  Gonzaga was never able to recover and some would say neither has his career.

Lets swap Fedor and Gabe.  Fedor looked lost with an inexperienced Rogers on him, imagine what he would do if it was the best at that game?  Randy would get the fight in this position and be able to truly exploit this weakness.



His willingness to take a punch for a submission...(why he would lose to Brock)

The key to Brock winning a fight with Fedor would be his submission defense.  The fight would go to the ground eventually and Brock could smother him for 5 rounds.  Rogers had one solid fury in which Fedor was on his back.  The Last Emperor seems content with taking some shots to attempt an arm bar.  This has worked very well in the past on the likes of Hong Man Choi, but it would not work against Brock.  Three or four solid shots could rock Fedor resulting in a similar flurry.  You don’t want to say that the ref would jump in prematurely, but you never know.

To be honest a healthy Brock Lesnar could pose the biggest problem for Fedor.  The Russian super star has what is known as the Mike Tyson (insert MJ, Tiger, Etc) effect.  Due to his name and who he is, he indirectly affects his opponents mental game.  Someone that could care less who he is, that is beyond full of themselves, and truly think they are going to win could be dangerous.  While I can't stand the Brock antics, that is him.  He would come in pumped up and ready to go.  Again, very very dangerous for an aging legend...




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