Is Brock Lesnar Going to Walk Away From the UFC Like He Has From Everything Else?


Zach Arnold points out the fact that Lesnar walked away from the WWE, wrestling in Japan, the NFL and asks the question is the UFC going to be the next bride of Lesnar left jilted at the altar?

There are a lot who aren't fans who are scared that Lesnar isn't going to be fighting. There's good reason for these fans to worry about Lesnar and his physical state. However, it's his mental state that should worry everyone much more so in the long run.

Lesnar is known for being successful at one thing and then decided to quit and move on. He gets bored, he gets disinterested, and he always needs a new challenge.


He always burns a bridge and he doesn't care because he knows that there will always be another sugar daddy waiting for him to pay him a lot of money to do whatever tickles his fancy at that moment in time.

Which is why the news of Lesnar taking significant time off should make people in UFC very nervous. The reported reason for Lesnar's prolonged absence is that he is suffering not from the swine flu but from mono and that he can't train. The illness will keep Lesnar on the sidelines for at least a month before he can resume training. There are already doubts about Lesnar as UFC champion and he only has 5 professional fights under his belt. He's UFC's biggest star (Georges St. Pierre is #2) and the promotion can't afford to lose him.

That's what happens when you put all of your eggs into his basket. He sells millions of PPV buys and is a huge name. He will always have a fan base with him no matter where he goes, which is why Brock Lesnar is doubly dangerous for any promoter to book long-term. Even when he has a legitimate reason for not showing up (like an illness), it always creeps up in the back of your head about whether or not he has any loyalty left to you or is interested in continuing doing what he is doing at the current time.

I've asked before whether or not Brock Lesnar can handle the media heat that comes with being the UFC heavyweight champion and biggest star. Nothing has happened to alleviate my concerns:

Lesnar reminds me of no one so much as Axl Rose of Guns N Roses. Those of you old enough to remember Axl's hey dey will recall that the mercurial star constantly had blowups with reporters, fans, other musicians and his bandmates.

That sort of intensity helped make Rose one of the most compelling figures in pop culture for about five years, but it also dramatically shortened his career by sending him into a decade long self-imposed seclusion.

I hope Lesnar can learn to take some deep breaths because if he wins this fight, the media glare is only going to become more relentless.

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