What if: Dan Gable would have been a fighter?

This is the ultimate MMA what if question.  Wrestlers have done their share of dominating the MMA world.  What would have happened if the greatest wrestler of all time competed in MMA?

HERE is a link of the post written by Robert.  He shares some great points!  This is a very good read.

It is often said that one of the best bases to have as a mixed martial artist is wresting. Wrestling, in all of its forms, is a sport that is all about leverage and control.

Many fighters who have come from a strong wrestling background have found great success. Just look across the MMA landscape today as it is littered with champion wrestlers making the transition to the sport.

The reason wrestlers have excelled in MMA is not due solely to wrestling itself. Wrestlers are successful because of the drive, determination, and work ethic that they bring with them.

If there is one man who epitomizes wrestling, drive, determination, and work ethic it is Dan Gable.



While attending college and after his collegiate career Gable competed in the Olympic wrestling style of freestyle. Gable was a six-time midlands champion and a three-time USA Freestyle National Champion. In 1971 Gable become World Champion, winning the 68kg division in Sofia, Bulgaria.

In 1972, when the Olympics invaded Munich, the goal was simple; bring home the gold. During these historic Olympics Gable would not only win the gold but he did so without surrendering a single point to his opposition.


What if....

It is not difficult to imagine that had MMA been an avenue available to the Olympic champion it would have been something to consider. For many college wrestlers MMA has become the most suitable path to choose when following the dream of professional athletics.

Gable could have been a force inside the octagon, and would have likely competed at lightweight. The lightweight division has truly become a fan favorite with the incredible pace that the athletes are able to fight at. Gable would have surly been at home in that atmosphere.

With an unstoppable shot and flawless transitions Dan Gable would have ruled the lightweight land. The ability that he possessed to throw and control another human was unreal.

We will never know if Gable could learn to strike, or if he could even take a punch, but we do know that he could wrestle. With his caliber of wrestling, and his work ethic he would have become a champion.

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