Dan Hardy: "Josh Koscheck Is Like A Piece of S*** That Just Won't Flush."

That was Dan Hardy's tweet a couple of hours ago, repeating a point that he made during an interview with TapouT Radio (audio). Josh Koscheck has been complaining about Hardy getting a title shot, and Dan Hardy takes another jab at him:


"Yeah it was alright. I am not sure about the eye poke/knee to the face thing. It kind of looked like he was looking for a way out there but whatever, that is his business. But yeah it was alright, it was a pretty good performance... A fight is a fight and these things happen, you just have to get on with it. Rolling around on the floor for five minutes holding his eye was a little bit dramatic for me. But Koscheck is Koscheck and I just can’t seem to like the guy."

"He talks and he thinks he deserves a title shot but I think he needs to string together more than two wins before he positions himself there. Maybe after I have fought GSP he can be my first title defense, that would be quite nice.

"The thing with Koscheck is, he is a pretty good fighter but he is inconsistent. He wins one, he loses one. He just won’t flush away for some reason, he is just always there. But every cloud has a silver lining and I will never get bored of watching Josh Koscheck get punched in the face. Its nice that he wins a fight every now and again so he stays around and we get to see him get knocked out every other fight."

Josh Koscheck has said that Hardy doesn't deserve a title shot because he "hasn't fought anyone", which also takes a shot at his own friend and training partner, Mike Swick. Hardy says he isn't surprised that Kos would disrespect his own teamate:

"It doesn’t surprise me, everyone knows what Josh Koscheck is like. It wouldn’t surprise me if he would do something to hinder his team mates. I wouldn’t trust him as far as I could throw him, as a training partner,"

HT: Fighters Only  -- Photo from Martin McNeil

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