What if Kimbo beats Houston Alexander?

That is the question that I have been asked by everyone I work with today.  Many are your typical fan that think Kimbo is terrible, but some are die hard Kimbo lovers.

I broke down my opinion here

What do you guys think?  IF and it is still a big if, he does win...what would be next?  Would he get another stand up fighter with no ground game?  Would he ever be able to string together a few wins against legit competition?  lol  I don't think so either...


We all can anticipate Kimbo getting a UFC contract.  Dana and the UFC crew are not going to turn their back on someone that can bring in millions of extra dollars to the organization.  So what if he can’t fight, they give him a four fight deal…Millions of dollars.  Kimbo will also be bringing in a new set of fans that just want to see him fight.  Pair him with a UFC 101 Anderson Silva type of performance and they will be hooked.

The idea that Kimbo will ever be a UFC force is nothing more than a bedtime story.  He doesn’t have the skills, the fighters are quickly getting better, and age is not on his side.

That being said, what if he beats Houston Alexander?  Many already question Houston’s role in the UFC.  We know that his jits game is…non-existent…and all he has is his stand up game.

That does make for an interesting match up of two guys that are going to bang.  Houston could be the best stand up fighter Kimbo has faced but if he can weather the initial storm he has a real shot to beat him.

If that happens I would argue that Kimbo won the battle.  Dana challenged him and he won.

I foresee (and I am no Ms. Cleo) that a win gets him a UFC contract.  The most Kimbo could truly ever really ask for is to be a UFC gatekeeper.  At 205 or heavyweight he would be considered an underdog against about everyone.  It is fair to say that this fight is his Superbowl.

A loss equals nothing more than the old college try.  He goes to Strikeforce, fights on regular TV, and rides off slowly into the sunset.

\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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