Dana White: Karo Parisyan Not Fighting at UFC 106 or Ever Again in the UFC

Breaking news regarding Karo Parisyan's status for his UFC 106 match-up with Dustin Hazelett comes to us from Dana White via his Twitter page:

@danawhite Karo Parisyan has fucked over the UFC, the fans and his opponent again!!! He will not be fighting Saturday or ever again in the UFC

We can only speculate at to what the specifics are to the tweet by Dana White, but I'm sure we'll find out very soon as it seems that White is completely fed up with Karo Parisyan. Parisyan's failures in the past are likely what White is referring to when he says Karo has "f*cked" over the UFC once again.

If you recall, Karo pulled out of his UFC 88 bout with Yoshiyuki Yoshida due to a back injury, but he pulled out of the bout right before the weigh-ins. The problems kept coming as Karo tested positive for banned painkillers hydrocodone, hydromorphone, and oxymorphone following his close split decision victory over Dong Hyun Kim at UFC 94. Interestingly enough, Karo was rumored to potentially be pulling out of the UFC 94 bout and Rick Story was on deck to take his place only a day before the event was to take place.

It looks like Dana White has had enough, and it'll be interesting to see what the reasoning is behind Karo's dismissal.

[UPDATE] via Josh Gross - "@SI_JoshGross: Karo Parisyan denies abuse of painkillers is the reason for not fighting. "Hell no, no addiction," he said via text. "It's anxiety."

[UPDATE] via MMAWeekly.com:

Karo "The Heat" Parisyan is out of UFC 106 after failing to acquire a license in Nevada, according to Parisyan, due to not having the money to pay his fine from previously being suspended after testing positive for a three different pain killers following his UFC 94 bout with Kim Dong-hyun.

"There’s a lot of problems going on. They won’t re-license me unless I (expletive) pay them," Parisyan told MMAWeekly.com. "I had to pay the $32,000 fine in order to fight. I never paid because I never had the money. I don’t know if I’ll be able to come back."

[UPDATE] by MMAJunkie - "Keith Kizer said Karo was, in fact, licensed and they had worked out a deal to have him pay fine out of UFC 106 purse. Weird."

[UPDATE] by Dana White - "Pulled out of the fight the day before weigh ins again with a laundry list of excuses!!! Let the press ask karo why! Let him explain."

[UPDATE] by Josh Gross - "Karo Parisyan via text confirmed he won’t be fighting Saturday. He declined to answer any questions."

[UPDATE] by Dana White - "Dustin will be paid his full purse to show and win. Its not his fault."

-- image via combatlifestyle.com


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