Wilson Reis & Tara LaRosa in action at Pennsylvania show this weekend


It's their first event. Looks like a decent card if you're in or around Philly.

From Extreme Force Press Release

Philadelphia, PA-MMA promoter Tara Galvin of Extreme Force Productions teams up with established fighter/promoter Fran Evans, (Bentley Promotions) to give Philly fans the highest level of talent in MMA than previously offered by local promoters. November 20th, the two promoters are hosting an event "Locked in the Cage 1" at Alexander Hall in the Manayunk section of Philadelphia.

Featured fighters headlining are World Champions Tara LaRosa and Wilson Reis. "We are very fortunate to have fighters of this caliber fighting for us. It is going to be a huge success. These fighters normally fight on cards that air on television or pay-per-view. This event raises the bar for ourselves, not to mention other promoters!" exclaims Tara Galvin.

Tara LaRosa, (17-1) Bodog World Champion, and Wilson Reis (8-1) Elite XC Champion, both are Philly residents, and very eager to fight in their home town. "I'm very excited to fight in Philly-FINALLY! It will be great to have my friends and family there to see me" says Tara LaRosa. Tara's last fight was in March 2009, and Tara is also preparing to participate in a reality TV similar to the Ultimate Fighter, except with women fighters. (More information on Tara LaRosa can be found at Wilson Reis (8-1), originally from Brazil has lived in the US for 8 years now. He is a black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and works as an instructor at several schools in the Philadelphia area. Wilson is very much looking forward to fighting Dwayne Shelton, who fought his best friend a couple of years ago.

"Dwayne made fighting a black belt look easy...I am going to show him it is NOT going to be easy." says Wilson. Dwayne Shelton is undefeated in the 145 weight class.


Valerie Coolbaugh vs. Tara LaRosa     

Wilson Reis vs. Dwayne Shelton          

Tuan "Kid Thunder" Pham vs. Shawn Clay

Brylan Vanartsdalen vs. Phillip Ferraro 

Tim Ragusa vs. Jabar Moore   

Ben Tichy vs. Joe Martin         

Kyle Dunham vs. Eddie Bayerdell        

Ernesto Perez vs. Vernon Kline

Rachel Sazoff vs. TBD TBD    

Harry Dickey vs. Jack Dunkin  

Tim Williams vs. Jamall "The X Factor" Johnson           

Mike Marlow vs. David Theis  

Justin Jones vs. Scott Heckman

Chad Gudmundsson vs. Matt Marquart

Daniel Matala vs. Trevor Patterson


HT: Uniting Locals Through Mixed Martial Arts 

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