Medical Doctors: Steroids delay Diverticulitis symptoms

I know I am going to get killed for posting this.  I can just hear the comments now...Anyway..haha

NO, I am not saying Brock has, is, or has ever taken steroids at all!  I am simply providing the information being released by some of the major media outlets

Here is a link.  It has the entire story and info.

Turns out that symptoms often associated with Brock Lesnar's condition are often masked or delayed with the use of steroids.

Here is a lark quote from the link...

Do you guys think steroids will slowly get added to this story?

Easy killer! First and foremost, I am not saying that Brock Lesnar took steroids, not in any shape or fashion. Brock Lesnar is very sick! It has been blogged to death all over the internet. Writers have cited WebMD, random doctors, and tons of websites about his condition. People have dragged this story from one extreme to another and back again. Here is the deal, he is sick! He may recover and fight, he may not! We do not know as of right now, but what we do know is that the use of steroids has been medically proven to delay or mask symptoms of his disease.  This may have nothing to do with anything, but…

Again, not saying he is/was/or has juiced…

When I was browsing the internet earlier I came across a post on the Sportsbybrooks website located here .  It must be noted that this is a very popular website seen by many sports fans that do not watch MMA or the UFC.  They know of Brock Lesnar, but they don’t understand him or the sport (many not all).  Sports by Brooks is a great site and I am not hating on them one bit.

On their site they stated this:

“I’m by no means accusing Brock Lesnar of doing steroids, but a quick check on the diagnosis of diverticulitis reveals that steroid use can sometimes play a significant role in masking early symptoms.

In 2003, the New Zealand Medical Journal reported ,  “One of the lesser known but most life-threatening gastrointestinal side effects of steroids is the perforation of colonic diverticula.

Meanwhile, in 2005, Holly Salzman, M.D., and Dustin Lillie, M.D. of the University of California, San Diego, School of Medicine reported in their article Diverticular Disease: Diagnosis and Treatment: Steroids also may mask symptoms (of Diverticulitis) and delay appropriate therapy.”


I also want to mention that the docs also say MAY...Meaning that there is a chance, but it also may not...Or, that is the way I read it...You?


The other thing that needs to be repeated is the respect and class of Shane Carwin!  I know it was posted in an earlier fan post, but it was very impressive and needs more attention!

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