How's Taste My Tweet Tweet? Mixed Martial Arts on Twitter for the 3rd Week of November

A few updates on what's been going on in the MMA Twittersphere.

Promoted from the FanPosts by Kid Nate.


"Wow matt brown is a stud!"  -Jamie Varner, yes really good for breeding.

"Damn it if Dan Hardy & Lil' Wayne don't look like brothers!"  -Renzo Gracie, are you sure you've gotten your eyes checked lately?

"Dan Hardy rubs me the wrong way but that fool can scrap. I still think GSP puts him away in the first round."  -Jason High

"Sorry guys, I wish I could have performed better. I will be back. Thanks for the support... Thanks for the positive feedback guys! -Mike Swick, after losing to Dan Hardy.

"#ufc105 is in the books. What did y'all think? I thought it was an alright card. I wanna see Couture vs. Coleman. Haha"  -Jake Rosholt, well at least they'll be on the same generation.

"UFC 105 overall was a solid card. Loved the Brown vs Wilks fight. Can't wait for WEC 44 this week and of course UFC 106."  -Kenny Florian

"Ross Pearson did look tough last night"  -Jake Rosholt

"Lets go Randy! ...Damn great body shot by vera... I love Randy but I think Vera won"  -Brendan Schaub

"Wow this #mma judging"  -Kyle Bradley

"Wow I thought Vera won that fight!!!!!!!!!!! What is going on with the judges in Mma????????? ...For those of u that think u know fighting damage wins fights. Vera won the second dropped Randy in 2, close first but got mount and td in 3... Seriously I'm getting pissed... Holding a guy against the cage shouldn't win u a fight in the UFC. I love Randy but he lost.. Vera did more! ...these guys are acting like I dislike Randy! He is one of my favorite fighters and I wanted him to win I just feel bad for Vera he did well!"  -Jamie Varner

"Damn, i know Handy gets the nod but I think Vera won."  -Jason High

"Well what can I say, I'm so proud of Brandon as a student, it's to hard to explain. We've been going through 'A Process' and this is the next step of that 'Process' I guess. When we left the cage 16,000+ fans cheered for Brandon, the same 16K fans that didn't cheer for Brandon before the fight. Unanimous decision? I c...ouldn't believe it! Felt like I was up in county jail. thnks 4 the support everyone. Pacquia da MAN!"  -Lloyd Irvin

"Welllllllllllll we all know who won that fight hummmmmm"  -Kurt Pellegrino

"Down but not out. Back to training on monday."  -Denis Kang, on losing to Michael Bisping.


"Pacquiao's "Eye of the Tiger" > Tyson Griffin's "Eye of the Tiger""  -Luke Thomas, true that.

"Cotto has the heart of a lion, Pacman the speed of a rabbit on crack. Very good fight to boths fighters."  -Miguel Torres

"Speed vs Power? Pacquiao does it again! It time to bring on Floyd Mayweather.... Manny Pacquiao won his 7th title in seven weight divisions, a first in boxing history."  -Renzo Gracie

"Bring on #pacman vs. #mayweather!!!"  -Jake Rosholt

"Wow PAC-man is a stud!"  -Jamie Varner, maybe he should meet up with Matt Brown.

"If more boxing matches were like Cotto/Pacquiao boxing would be more popular. Hopefully it doesn't take 2yrs to see Floyd/Manny."  -Jason High

"Pacquiao's baby right hook is the prettiest punch in all of combat sports. The timing and precision to land that consistently is insane. ...Cotto = gameness. Pac's speed, feints & diversity of punches is 2 much for anyone out there right now. Roach created a lil' monster."  -Kenny Florian

"Wow pac is the man! Unbelievable!"  -Frankie Edgar

"I just watched it. Pacman is a fucking legend. He may be the best boxer ever."  -Joe Rogan



"Jake, the worst damage you did was give me staph, zit covered leg humper."  -Mayhem Miller

Lol @mayhemmiller. You seem upset?"  -Jake Shields


"@jakeshieldsajj hugged your way to all those? Let's do it again, I'll hold on after the bell this time."  -Mayhem Miller

"@mayhemmiller I'm on to bigger & better fights like always. I mean ur last real win was when you beat up your girlfriend and got arrested"  -Jake Sheilds, oh, damn it gets even more personal.. why would you bring this up? (he did get acquitted though.. kinda left that one out huh?)

"@jakeshieldsajj you're just scared of a rematch, just say it. Or your daddy will say it. Bitch."  -Mayhem Miller

"Lone damage from my fight- Staph infection- -Mayhem Miller, gross..


"Dad is getting weird. I think he may be growing a new pet under his neck. He'd better not die before I get to play with it."  -Gator (Mayhem's Dog)



"@Kenny_Florian Kurt is my bff. Hands off my man."  -Miguel Torres

"@MiguelTorresMMA lol. Damn u Miguel. If u look at his ass, it has my name tattooed on it. Sleep on that!!"  -Kenny Florian

"@Kenny_Florian Yeah but he has my name tattooed on his heart. Oh and I abuse his feelings regularly when we train, so keep your ass tattoo."  -Miguel Torres

" - Miguel 1 - Kenny 0"  -Miguel Torres


"Margaritas with the girls"  -Miguel Torres, tsktsk.... Miguel - 0, Kenny <3




"Why do I like #Juno so much? "  -Kyle Bradley, don't know, but I like Juno too.

"At home watching miss congeniality"  -Kendal Grove, Juno, I get. This? Not so much.

"if i ever go on a killing spree it will be at the airport and i'll be cleared of all charges"  -Nate Quarry

"Hahaha... I just figured out my tweets wind up on :creepy: #UFC #mma who is responsible for this? :)"  -Kyle Bradley, regrets sending tweets about Juno?

"I have sex on camera daily, at home daily and STILL it is not enough! WTF!? lol I have serious issues. I NEED it like 5 times a day for sure... Horny as a muth fucka! ...At home tonight...don't think I'm getting any booty...ugh. That's okay tho cuz tomorrow I get Gina Lynn AND Shawna Lenee!! ...I seriously have a boner all day long! I am fucking sick! lol Done with errands now time to eat and get pretty for Gina Lynn and ShawnaLenee... Watch out for this girl @BrandyBlair she's a new girl but def. follow her. She's hott and the ONLY girl to defeat me in a LONG time....haha!"  -War Machine, describes how his winning streak ended when he couldn't get the mount.

"Mouth is on fire!!!! Just ate spicy ass thai food!!"  -War Machine, maybe it was from that other thing you "eat"?



"Oh my f*cking god it's early. Goin surfin, pray I don't drown... Had a good time surfin this morning with Ricardo Arona...he's not as good as @middleeasy says he is."  -Jason High

"@kurtpellegrino You should walt tall all the way to the store and buy yourself some courage for when you spar with me."  -Miguel Torres

"@MiguelTorresMMA I bought a knockdown last time we sparred so I'll go buy another ( ask sugar he was there lol ) !!!!!!! Taco boy :("  -Kurt Pellegrino, knocked down Miguel Torres in training? Uh ohh.

"@kurtpellegrino That was me building your confidence so you can walk tall. Tell Sugar he is going to cry tears of blood when I spar him."  -Miguel Torres

"Did not have surgery. I was injured and when Brock pulled out of 108 I got the injury looked at and began rehab. I have a grade 2 MCL Strain"  -Shane Carwin

"RT @LaniCarwin Can't seem to get Brock's situation out of my mind. My thoughts & prayers are with him and his family....... /I am with you.."  -Shane Carwin

"Gotta get back into the shoot, have a good day guys and Ill keep checking back. #TeamCarwin please wish Brock some good thoughts right now... Dana said he is in the hospital with an undisclosed illness. He is a family man and I hope he makes a full recovery... Fighting aside his career and health are in jeopardy. I wish him all the best this just sucks for his friends and fam..."  -Shane Carwin, showing some real class here. big props.

"Damn. Shouts out and good luck to Lesnar and Noguiera as they battle some serious bug. Get well soon fellas."  -Jason High

"Great session with my boxing coach Peter Welch. My boxing has improved tremendously thanks to him."  -Kenny Florian

"Whole foods after training with the team... Training with Gill Jake and nick but nick was training harder..."  -Nate Diaz



"@FrankieEdgar, Dante and the RABJJ crew look ready. @RenzoGracieBJJ layed down the law!"  -Ricardo Almeida






" my princess it's out of the pool my Gi I Joe it's a winner he won against he's grandfaghter am on jetlag still view from my room time yestarday they had a band singin forro take a look on this ... more video -Vitor Belfort, documents his family vacation with several twitvids..

"I am here on fortaleza Recife look the pictures it's paradise here eating on balada mix The BEST sanduíche in rio de Janeiro barra da Tijuca visiting rio has to come today later i Will post some picture from my training session ok fique ligado"  -Vitor Belfort





"Awake lil beast..too early! Manchester here I come! ...Hi @musclepharm just giving u a shout..took shredded before the gym today it was a great workout! :) ima beast! ...Not to be cheeky but this thermal hoodie is the warm and cozy! ...My polka dot is ready to conquer the I come!! ...My fav..monkey+chocolate=happy!! Thanks Logan! Going live in the UK in 5!\kattowers made these octagon girl necklaces for us! Sweet! -Arianny Celeste, these were actually from her tweets that linked to her tumbler.. (How's Taste her Tumbler Tumbler? No? Not funny? ...sigh)









"Logan and I after the weigh in… Wearing red in spirit of Natasha and Edith…xo ...Jet lag…must stay up!"   -Arianny Celeste, even more pics for you guys.




"Due to a request, here's my other arm tattoo! ... - As requested, my Shin tattoo. It means Muay Thai, written in Thai Language. -Shogun Rua, shows us a picture of his nipple.. i mean arm, tattoo.




"minha princess kyara e my wife Joana having fun on the new toy we are waiting for the kids arriving from the school -Vitor Belfort




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