Brock Lesnar and Big Nog out, Could TUF save the day?

It is unknown to what extent Brock Lesnar and Nog are sick.  We know that both are seriously ill and will not be fighting anytime soon.

The UFC's Heavyweight Division is not their deepest, and combine those losses with the weight drop of Randy Couture, they just got thin!

Here is a link where I break down exactly what the UFC needs to do!

A few tidbits from the link...


If you take Brock, Nog, and Randy out of the 215+ equation, you are left with the likes of Carwin, Velasquez, Mir, Kongo, and Dos Santos.  After that point, the talent level drastically drops off.

In steps The Ultimate Fighter!  The season that was origionally crowned as the Kimbo season, very well could be a saving grace for the UFC.



What to do now...

This is what you can expect if Brock and Nog are out of commission for awhile.  Expect Carwin and Velasquez to fight (possibly around 108).  The winner of that one will get the winner of the Mir vs. Kongo fight for the interim title.  That will do two things.  It will give Lesnar and Nog time to hear, as well as give the UFC to begin building their new heavyweight talent from TUF.

If they play their cards right, they can market at least four of the TUF guys (not counting Kimbo).  They can use these brand new guys as a speed bump in the division, seemingly slowing down the movement of the division, and allowing the guys at the top to heal.

You never know if someone from the show can ramble off a few straight wins.  This would only help out the UFC.  Mix this new crop of talent with the current roster and a possible disaster is avoided and downgraded to a small issue.


The Wild card...

The wild card in all of this is Kimbo Slice.  I know what you are thinking, how in the world could the UFC really use this guy…  Just watch, it is going to happen.  He is rumored to be fighting Houston Alexander at the finale.  If he wins that fight (and let’s be honest…Houston is very beatable), then you can use Kimbo wherever you want.  Ask Spike, YouTube, and CBS  if they think people will tune in to watch Kimbo…

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