Don't Blame The Refs, Randy Game Planned his UFC 105 Victory

Like several of my previous posts, I expect this one to also get mixed reviews.  I know going into it that it wont appease everyone, and some are going to completely disagree with me.

I just re-watched the Randy Couture vs. Brandon Vera fight.  After the second time around, I came to the same conclusion, Randy lost that fight.

It wasn't as bad as some of the previous wrong doings by the judges, but it was pretty bad.  I have received several phone calls from Couture homers that are pretty upset that Randy was "given" the win.

I broke down the entire story on my site. 

I also want to hear what you guys think about it...

While it was a bad decision, we can not get on Randy (some already are, harshly).  He did nothing wrong, he actually did almost everything right.



When Michael Jordan played basketball, there was something called the Jordan Rules. This implied that there was a different set of rules for MJ than everyone else. I promise you, tons of people are going to complain about the Randy Couture decision win at UFC 105. They are going to say that Vera was robbed and that the UFC is rigged. I say they are completely wrong! Randy fought the fight his way, and the only was he was going to win. Simply put, he game planned his UFC 105 victory.


Going into the fight, we all knew that Randy Couture was not going to out strike Brandon Vera.  It was no secret that Randy was going to return to his wrestling roots and turn this is into a grappling match.

The grappling match never really showed up, but the dirty boxing Greco Roman wrestling did, a lot.  No, he didn’t do a lot of damage, but he did enough to win.  Like it or not, Randy controlled the fight for all but about thirty seconds.

Those combined thirty seconds or so were not pretty for Couture fans.  He was dropped, wobbly, mounted, and even taken down.  The reason Vera did not win this fight in part is because he could not do anything with his positions.  Sure he took Randy down and mounted him, but he never applied any damage.  Sure, he had Randy on the brink, but he could never push him over the edge.


This was Randy’s game plan the entire time.  He knew that the odds weren’t in his favor to finish Vera, instead he knew that he had to control the fight, use his strengths, and not get beat up.  He did that and he earned this win.


So do you guys agree?  Did Randy win it, or did the judges?

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