How's Taste My Tweet Tweet? Mixed Martial Arts on Twitter for the 2nd Week of November

A few updates on what's been going on in the MMA Twittersphere.

Promoted from the FanPosts by Kid Nate.


"Just yelled at Fedor that I liked his sweater. He didn't understand until I grabbed it and gave the thumbs up."  -Mayhem Miller, on the sweater of doom.

"Wrapped and ready :)"  -Jake Shields


"Me a**hole! RT @boysnoize RT @jasonk848: Watching some stupid mma fight at a bar and guy just came out to lava lava by @boysnoize hahaha"  -Mayhem Miller, was some guy, in some stupid mma fight?

"This hatin' ass audience. Shut the fuck up! Why do u never hear boos in boxing? Now that shit is boring."  -Jason High

"Sorry bout that monkeys, didn't train hard enough, wasn't prepared to grapple that much.  poop."  -Mayhem Miller, obviously showed better standup, but got out worked on the ground en-route to a decision loss.

"@jakeshieldsajj congrats on the win. Mayhem is super tough. Great transitions."  -Joe Lauzon

"@JoeLauzon thank you my friend. That was a war for sure. Miller is the real deal."  -Jake Shields

"Thx everyone Was trying to be the first to sub him.Sorry I couldn't finish.He is one tuf dude. Respect to Miller."  -Jake Shields, showing off his new bling.


"Just watched the Fedor fight! What a knock out. Jake Shields grappling was relentless, he is a grappling machine."  -Roy Nelson

"Fedor is the man! Wow!"  -Mark Hominick

"What did ya'll think of that fight with Fedor and Rogers. Wow!! That was and exciting fight to watch!"  -Roger Huerta

"As for the fedor fight, I thought it was very interesting, but I thought Rogers hesitated, and I felt like Fedor got exposed a bit... Mark my words: Alistair Overeem is going to give Fedor mad problems if they fight"  -Joe Rogan, Fedor gets "exposed" all the time.. what's new?

"I love to watch Fedor fight because he looks to be in danger but always wins. And of course... Vicious and violent finishes."  -Joe Lauzon, Fedor is never in trouble, he is just playing possum!

"All the "Fedor isn't the best PFP" talk needs 2 stop. I fart in yr general direction. Its abt consistency people... For real tho, A. Silva, St Pierre have only been that consistent in recent years. That's 31 for Fedor, stop HATING... Give it up to Brett Roger tho, that fool gave it up! Awesome, I thought it'd be by submission! See, if Sokodjou had Rogers' attitude well..."  -Jason High

"Fedor made my heart sad. does he train?"  -Dale Hartt, No. when fedor was born, he arm-barred his doctor for slapping his butt.

"Fedor fought well tonight, but loses to Lesnar decisevly imo."  -Tim Hague

"Man I just can't get on the #fedor bandwaggon. #lesnar would stomp him."  -Jake Rosholt

"I'm feeling fine despite the loss- I hate losing, but I'm completely healthy, and looking to fight again asap. Show must go on!"  -Mayhem Miller

"Takes great fights to make a great champ. Fedor did great and I am very proud of you."  -Josh Barnett

"Fedor vs Rogers was insane. Keep watching strikeforce on CBS and Showtime."  -Pat Miletich

"wow cbs was off the hook: what an honor to watch and call the fedor fight. that man is going o smash him some heavyweights. i am going to watch the fight right now."  -Frank Shamrock

"I hump dad's legs waaaaay better than Jake- I never got a belt, all I got was kibble! Arf!!"  -Gator Dog (Mayhem's Dog), Zing!

"its only going to get better"  -Strikeforce, were you talking about the broadcast team?


"My very first tweet... At the ufc summit twitter was getting all the hype, so thought I would give it a try.. Hopefully more to come! :)"  -Martin Kampmann, (tweeps? seriously Anton? LAME)

" Dana blowing out his 45th bday candle. Joe Stevenson is such a great guy for setting that up.-Tim Hague

"Hey! I'm starting this with help from my team, so be patient until I really start to update it often! Thanks!"  -Shogun Rua, wow the summit must have convinced a lot of fighters huh?

"Training camp starts. Hungry for the WEC return!"  -Mark Hominick, also started tweeting during the Zuffa Summit.

"Im at ufc mini camp and this is my first tweet... 170.8 lbs today. 17 days till UFC 106 -George Sotiropoulos

"I had a good time at ufc sumit"  -Igor Pokrajac, see even Igor.. That UFC summit will make this series even more tedious now.

"I'm spending the weekend with my wife's folks at their city to celebrate her birthday. Just got home from Canada and Vegas, will update soon... - Pic from last week - Doing a photoshoot with Tyler, for Bad Boy in Vegas! Busy days."  -Shogun Rua, speaks...err, tweets good english, and knows how to use twitpics! that's more than what Dana can do already.




Hosted a fight party & my shop tonight. @JoshKoscheck admitted to everyone Paranormal Activity scared him & he couldn't sleep. What a baby!!"  -Mike Swick, well he does throw hugs and kisses to everyone..

"Woke up feeling sick with fever...looks like no training today :( ...@mstracylee i think i cought it from you and ur gross mouth :) oh wait i kissed tom lawlor not you....."  -Seth Petruzelli, got sick for kissing the new Just Bleed guy.

"Laughing gas @ the dentist..I feel like David after dentist..."Is this real life??" "  -Arianny Celeste

"And in the red corner... weighing in at 170lbs... fighting out of San Jose, CA... THHHHHHHHHIS GUUUUUUUY! WTF?!?!?"  -Mike Swick, aren't you in the parlor with THHHIS GUUUY? Pedicures in bunches?

"Fuck it I'm so bored I wanna kill myself! lol I'm jerkin off and goin nigh night!"  -War Machine, being War Machine.

"@samstoutblog you really don't know who I am??"  -Tracy Lee, does her best Junie-vs-Nurse Impression.



"The line ... Happy #mw2 day... See ya next month"  -Joe Lauzon, will be gone for a month, training his thumb muscles.


"@JoeLauzon Woooow man, you're almost as geeky as @anngaff You know it'll still be there tomorrow, right?"  -Jason High, I think it's like telling a die-hard-uber-hardcore MMA fan to order a PPV the next day..

"Call of duty soon! Can't wait! ...Can't wait Going to be off the hook ...Nuts right now COD ...cod!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! About to get mine! Cod!!!!!!! ...Got my cod bitches"  -John Howard, "Doomsday" seems to like COD. Maybe. I'm not sure. Just a hunch.

"So I got my xbox back from @ryanbader I played COD for like 3 hours! I'm getting the new one tomorrow"  -Jamie Varner

"Oh yea baby just picked up call of duty 2 for ps2. Freaking sick! Just work and play. Lol living the simply life ü Jon "bones""  -Jon Jones, i wonder how many fighters play this game




" - @lastcall155 is ready to rock! Joseph and I just finished sparring. Thong is a wild man!!"  -Urijah Faber, takes a video of Danny Castillo training for his WEC bout against Shane Roller.

"Made it to England, long flight but excited to be here."  -Randy Couture, will be taking on Brandon Vera this weekend.

"Just getting back from training, Brandon is looking like a KILLER, like back in the day! He's in great shape! On the way to the gym, I ran into Randy at the elevator! It was like a moment in a movie. I'm so stoked, I remember when Brandon was just a blue belt and we used to talk about fighting in the UFC. Now he's th...e main event! I'll have video starting tomorrow for everyone, just got my video camera"  -Lloyd Irvin

"My house and MMA Glory, and some of the other gyms here in Vegas."  -Roy Nelson, on where he trains.

"got promoted to brown-belt today in jiu jitsu"  -Nick Catone, congrats Nick.

"Watching the #ufc countdown. #ufc105 Couture vs. Vera should be a great fight. I'm excited for all these fights."  -Jake Rosholt

"Mystery training partner revealed! Ladies & gents . . . WEC stud & interim lw champ, Benson Henderson. ...Just finished a nice & light boxing session with Benson Henderson and my boxing coach Peter Welch."  -Kenny Florian


"In Boston w/Kenny, gettin beat up, gd stuff, gd stuff..."  -Benson Henderson

"I'm the 2009 No-Gi BJJ World Champion. Thanks to all for the support and to my opponents as well. Catch Wrestling lives! ...How did I spend my day after competition? Rolled w/ Bruce Hoyer sparred with a 5x All-Army boxing champ and Felice Herrig..."  -Josh Barnett

"It's official: Fabricio "Morango" Camoes vs Caol Uno at UFC106 11/21 #ufc -Derek Kronig Lee of Team Black House




"WATCH MY LATEST BLOG "RAZOR'S EDGE " -Razor Rob, said "In the cage, I'm going to have a honeymoon on my next opponent".. he also talked about the Zuffa Summit. interesting stuff. seriously.

"Legalize MMA in New York. Pretty please. -Miguel Torres, willing to do crazy shit for the good of MMA.

" - Twitter hasn't been working for me! Here's the gym from earlier."  -Urijah Faber

"My wifes Penthouse Magazine Cover..: Lexxi Tyler Penthouse Pet/ Cover Model and my wife ;)"  -Razor Rob


" This how my day is going. Hope all of you are having a better day than me!!! :)"  -Dana White


"New backround n avatar..thoughts? Photos are in this months issue of FIGHT! mag. Im sleeeeeppy. Goodnight! ...I may be small, but im tough, so get get your copy of FIGHT! and AUTHORITY mag. Both are out now! Or else..... ;)"  -Arianny Celeste



"My girl claudia..straight 4rm coloumbia..latinas baby..don't mess with us!! #fb ...Straight g'd up..happy birthday scorpios. U da f'n best. Xo #fb"  -Arianny Celeste



" - Someone asked on a forum for my Shogun arm tattoo pic. Here it is!"  -Shogun Rua, stop hanging out at forums buddy.


"Anybody got sweeter #hair than this today? -Jake Rosholt, No Jake, you have the sweetest hair today. Make that the year, No.. the DECADE!


"Just got home from the gym and tanning! And...ut ohhh....the 2nd scene I ever did is now ready to view!"  -War Machine, WARNING NSFW! (I didn't make the link clickable, but you can copy-paste it if you want to.. don't say i didn't warn you! ...again NSFW)


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