Filipino MMA: Eduard Folayang to Compete on the 10th World Wushu Championships, and on URCC Macau


Eduard "Landslide" Folayang's scheduled has just been announced, and it looks like the Philippines' top MMA fighter will have a very busy road ahead of him. He will be in Canada to compete in the 10th World Wushu Championships this October 24-29, and a just few days later, on November 7 (Nov. 6th in the US), he will be flying to China to face Yang Fei in the "URCC Macau" card.

Eduard will be joined by his teammates Mark Eddiva and Marianne Mariano on the 10th World Wushu Championships that will be held at the Ricoh Coliseum in Toronto, Canada. The event happens every two years, and it brings together the top Wushu practitioners from 121 countries. Eduard Folayang has also competed in the prestigious event in the past, winning Silver and Bronze medals.

The Macau fight has an interesting back story as Yang Fei has been rumored to have already beaten Folayang in Wushu Events. Eduard's advantage over the competition has always been the unorthodox strikes stemming from his San Shou base, and while that usually gives most people trouble, an opponent versed in the same discipline could potentially negate those strengths. When they face off, we could be seeing a San Shou clinic held under MMA rules, or we can see them rely on their other skills to pull off the victory. Either way, it's groomed to be a great match up style-wise.

Folayang will potentially be having multiple San Shou bouts in a span of 6 days, and he will have to come out unscathed to be able to fight in a mixed martial arts bout against Yang Fei nine days later. Aside from the tough stylistic match-up, there is also the issue of him being potentially worn out from such a tough schedule.

Will Eduard Folayang be able to keep his undefeated record intact, or will Yang Fei be able to repeat the feat in a mixed martial arts match?


HT: Team Lakay, URCC

More URCC Updates, and the promo video for the10th Wushu World Championships promo video is on the extended entry.


URCC Updates:

  • Lakay Wushu's Mark "The Machine" Sangiao will try to regain his title as he makes a return to the URCC against the current URCC Bantamweight Champion, Justin "The Shocker" Cruz of Spike 22 Guam this November 21 at URCC XV: "Onslaught".
  • Also on URCC XV, the URCC Light Heavyweight Champion, Caloy Baduria will drop back down to the middleweight division to rematch the guy he took his belt, Art of War veteran and current URCC Middleweight Champion, Zhang Tie Quan.
  • Ali Khatibi of DEFTAC jiu jitsu, will face off with Andrew Benibe, for the URCC Featherweight Title.



10th Wushu World Championships Promo:

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