My secret agent foray

So it seems that every time Alistair Overeem has a recent fight, everyone talks about how cartoonishly ripped he looks, and how dramatic the change in his physique has been in the last few years.  

And in these discussions there seems to be 2 groups on opposite sides of the fence; some Overeem fans site Overeem's clean drug test in 2007 in his Strikeforce HW title match w/ Paul Buentello, and claim that Alistair just has fantastic genes, and bulked up naturally by lifting hard and by having a high protein bulking diet.

 Those on the other side of the fence who believe that Overeem has used/ is currently using some kind of AAS (Anabolic Androgenous Steroids, the types of agents most athletes use) tend to point to the fact that he's gained a good deal of what seems to be pure muscle (around 20ish lbs, to be specific) in that time frame, and that he's been fighting abroad/ in Japan (where steroids aren't illegal, and thus don't test for them) almost exclusively, as well as the fact that MMA fighters have to do intense cardio workouts which would make bulking up very hard.



I just want to say that this is in no way, shape, or form fighter bashing, but I decided that maybe in order to get a better gauge of whether or not he's juicing, I could go to a forum where there are a bunch of admitted steroid users/ proponents, who know a good deal about steroid use/ effects.  So I signed up to, and have just recently posted a thread entitled "Is this MMA (cagefighting) athlete on steroids?" about this exact matter.  So far i'm receiving reactions from people like 

Captain obvious would flying crescent kick you in the face for asking this question.

If you're interested, here's a link to the thread:

I know that this isn't concrete proof at all, but I just think that it's interesting to gauge what these guys (who have a good working knowledge of throwin up weights and steroids) think.  For the record, I tend to think that Overeem has used steroids to pack on the massive amount of muscle that he has, but I don't really have any problem with pro athletes using steroids (and PED's in general) as long as they do it in a healthy, responsible fashion.  I also think that it's possible that maybe Alistair has just been eating alot of horse meat and hittin the weights hard, and that as a natural HW w/ good genes (which he obviously has, steroids or not) he's just been able to bulk up way more than most people can.

UPDATE: This answer is by and far the best i've recieved, just thought i'd share with you:

The answer is obviously yes, an top olympic trainer on Aussie radio quoted 95% + of Olympic athletes were on roids etc and that was when the Sydney 2000 Olympics were on, its probably worse now.

You dont put pump fuel in a racing car. Its that simple. Good luck with the training.

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