SSI: The introduction of champions

While some of you may be wondering what SSI means, I won't tell you yet, because I prefer to build suspense. This article is part mystery novel, yet you do not have to be a detective to unravel it, just patient.

Now, the idea presented was the introduction of champions, and I believe that before every UFC event, as a sort of opening presentation they can show the former active UFC champions that are in attendance. A case for non-active UFC champions would have to be made on a case by case basis I'd imagine.

Select them when they have future endeavours in mind, and bring them up on stage and familiarize fans with them and their accomplishments. I feel the greatest part of the UFC that is not being actively used to its full potential would be the history behind it.

Which brings me back to the introduction, SSI, it means Stolen Snowden Idea, which I got when I was reading his Behind The Scenes at UFC 104 post, linked here. Yet, the idea came to me upon reading some of the comments below the article.

To quote Mr. Snowden:

"Coleman was getting into it with security a bit too. Just having a time. Sadly, more people were recognizing "Stitch" and Bruce Buffer than the former UFC Heavyweight champion."


"Would more people recognize Ray Leonard or Stitch? Joe Montana or a member of the current 49ers radio play by play man? I wasn’t shocked by it necessarily, just saddened. I remember a time when all the world heavyweight champions used to be introduced before a fight for the title in boxing. In MMA, the former champions aren’t given this respect."

I think it is a simple idea, it is a great marketing tool to promote former champions as a part of an introductory ceremony on a PPV, given that they usually are using that time to promote terrible movies, why not invest in your own company and your champions? 

What say you?

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