Team Philippines Barred From 10th Wushu World Championships, Eduard Folayang vs John Tuck in Saipan (UPDATE)

A few weeks ago, I wrote about Eduard Folayang's busy schedule. He was supposed to compete at the Wushu World Championships happening now in Toronto, then compete in an MMA bout in Macau about a week later, but after a series of events, it looks like he won't be competing on either event.

The 10th Wushu World Championships did not allow team Philippines to compete because complications from their travel arrangements prevented them from arriving to the weigh-ins on time:


THE Philippines would not be taking part in the 10th World Wushu Championships in Toronto because the national team members failed to make the weigh-in.

The team actually flew to Toronto, but missed the weigh-in by six hours, according to Wushu Federation of the Philippines secretary-general Julian Camacho. Camacho said the organizers earlier agreed to conduct a special weigh-in for the Filipinos because their flight schedule would not allow them to arrive in Toronto at an earlier time.

But to the surprise of the team, Camacho said, the organizers did not grant special weigh-in.

"They [organizers] even e-mailed us that they will allow a special weigh-in for us. The team was six hours late but there was no weigh-in," Camacho said.

He said Germany also arrived late but was granted a special weigh-in.

"They perhaps are afraid of the Filipinos because we are traditional winners there," said Camacho.

The strong Philippine contingent includes decorated Wushu experts, Mary Jane Estimar, Mariane Mariano, Mark Eddiva, Jessie Alidadag, Stephanie Alday, and Eduard Folayang. It's hard not to feel bad for these competitors as they have been training hard to represent their country in such a grand stage, only to find out that their hard work and dedication will be all for nothing. I still don't know the details on why their flight schedule prevented them from arriving on time, but saying that the Philippines will get a special weigh-in like they did for Germany, only to go back on their word is unprofessional at best.

The bad news doesn't stop there, the URCC announced that Eduard Folayang's MMA fight in Macau has been cancelled:

This is to inform the public that the URCC ( Universal Reality Combat Championships ) has pulled out of the "KAOS" event this coming November 7, 2009, scheduled to be held at the Grand Hyatt, City of Dreams , Macau. The URCC is not anymore affiliated with the said promotion.

The event entitled "KAOS" (or URCC Macau) was supposed to be co-promoted with Kontact MMA. The reasons for the cancellation weren't announced, but it seems like some nasty stuff behind the scenes were involved.

I was worried about the Philippines' top MMA fighter being burned out from a really hectic schedule, and now that he won't be fighting on either event, I think this is where you go "See. Be careful what you wish for".


UPDATE: Perhaps I spoke to soon. As reader butaan pointed in the comments, Eduard Folayang is in the poster of the latest Gorilla Warfare MMA event happening this November 21st.

If some of you might recall, this won't be the first time the "Landslide" will compete for the promotion. He stopped Saipan fighter, Jerome Norita in under a minute this past March. No opponent has been announced yet, but I will keep you posted, so stay tuned for more details.

UPDATE 2: It's going to be Eduard Folayang against Guam's John Tuck on November 21. Not much is known about his opponent, but it appears that he has a submission victory over Giovanni Sablan (15-5), the guy Eduard was supposed to fight before A.J. Aguon stepped in for him.

HT: butaan

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