The Week in Quotes: October 18th - 24th



"Anybody can be beat, but that's what motivates me to keep going out there, training hard, staying focused, and my goal is that every time I have the opportunity to present myself in the Octagon." - "Former" UFC light heavyweight champion Lyoto Machida, who outpointed Mauricio "Shogun" Rua 48-47 in route to a decision victory at UFC 104.  Whiny internet nerds proceeded to grab their pitchforks. (MMA Weekly)

"I think there will be a rematch in that fight." - UFC President Dana White (MMA Weekly)

"Of course I'm thinking about a rematch ever since the fight, and if that's Dana's wish and Lyoto's wish, I'll fight him anywhere, anytime, wherever." - Rua

"Of course if the UFC decides we should have a rematch then let's have a rematch." - Machida.  I'm eagerly awaiting the classic Dana swerve where Machida goes on to coach TUF opposite Randy Couture.


"When you get injured, you don't do much. You sit around and eat and get fat. That's exactly what I did." - Anthony "Rumble" Johnson, who came in a whopping six pounds over the welterweight limit for his fight against Yoshiyuki Yoshida at UFC 104. (

"Well, I was working with this trainer, a friend of my agent. He wanted me to try barely eating anything but getting a lot of fluids in me." - Johnson

"The trainer told me, 'Drink a lot of water and don't eat too much.' So I did that, and then on Thursday I did a three hour workout and dropped from 198 to 183. I was 192 and I drank all of this water that he wanted me to drink and got back up to 198." - Johnson.  Two steps forward, two steps back?

"Doing his thing, it was cool but I think the process got started too late. If I'd done things the way I always did, I would have been fine, but trying this new method, this new way of doing things, really jacked my body up." - Johnson, nothing like trying a new weight cutting technique for the first time when you're already having issues keeping your weight down.


"The money that [Henderson] is asking for would make him by far the highest-paid guy in the UFC." - UFC President Dana White, on contract negotiations with Dan Henderson. Talks have been proceeding at the same rate as Henderson's verbiage. (MMA Junkie)

"Contracts are confidential, so that statement’s impossible to prove or disprove." - Aaron Crecy, Henderson's manager.  Loose lips sink ships, as they say. (Sherdog)

"However, we have done our due diligence. We certainly don’t believe that to be the case. Dan understands and we have a certain belief on where he stands in the hierarchy." - Crecy

"Certainly there are champions and former UFC champions that deserve to be paid more than Dan." - Crecy.  Like, all of them.

"If they can afford to sign Dan Henderson and I couldn't, what's that tell you?" - White, on Henderson potentially signing with Strikeforce.  I think it tells you that Dan might be more valuable to another company desperately seeking name talent. (Cage Writer)


"It was hard to grapple with Ken Shamrock because he used steroids. It was especially noticeable when he couldn't make it through 12 minutes on a practice, but before the fight with me he became much stronger and at the bout made it for 30 minutes." - MMA legend Oleg TaktarovKen Shamrock's just a special kind of athlete. (

"Over all steroids are dangerous because of slump after the end of the cycle. Coleman was on the slump when was KO'd by Pat Williams. I had the similar story with Gary Goodridge. I fought him when he was pumped by steroids and after that, he was losing to everyone." - Taktarov.  I am shocked (SHOCKED!) to see these allegations.

"Great example of the athlete who never used steroids is Nogueira and Rickson and Royce Gracie." - Taktarov, two out of three ain't bad.


"Up until 10 years old, that's when you can instill discipline." - Lyoto Machida's father Yoshizo Machida, picking up his child raising from Joe Jackson. (MMA Weekly)

"I did everything I could the first 10 years, and then they're on their own." - Machida.  Most parents send their kids away at 18.  Not Yoshizo.  Get a job, sir.

"Every day I was telling them what they can and can't do." - Machida, who had his kids beer bonging their piss in the morning.


"I've given away 3300 tickets for UFC 104; we're always looking at the ticket situation and how to make it easier for the fans." - UFC President Dana White.  They also had trouble selling out the building.  (Cage Writer)

"He kept [expletive] pushing and pushing. He said, ‘OK, hypothetically speaking, would you ever sell a piece of it?’ I said, ‘I guess we’d sell a tiny little piece. We’d probably sell a tiny little piece.’ But, here’s the thing: I want it to be known that this guy kept pushing me and pushing me." - White, quelling reports that Zuffa was looking for a minority partner.  They're not.  (Yahoo)


"I personally wouldn’t like to fight him, because if I fight a high-calibre fighter like Dan Henderson or a bum I would get paid the same, so there isn’t any motivation to fight a better fighter – although for the right money I would fight even Godzilla." - Strikeforce light heavyweight champ Gegard Mousasi.  Please don't give Dream any ideas. (Fighters Only)

"[I plan on] controlling him on the feet, making openings, taking him down. Just beating him up real bad, and picking my shots and really exploding on him; Letting him know that there is nothing that he can do to me." - Cain Velasquez, who beat up Ben Rothwell real bad. (Pro MMA Radio)

"Because of a little injury, my rib cracked when I was going to stand up and I came back. My mistake was to fight, but he did his work and I congratulate him." - Wagnney Fabiano, on getting caught in a triangle to Mackers Semerzier at WEC 43.  Prepared for all the asshats to come out of the woodwork and rag on Fabiano for discussing the injury. (Tatame)

"I needed some time off. "Dancing" actually gave me something to concentrate on and get in shape on." - Former UFC light heavyweight champ Chuck Liddell, who couldn't be bothered to get in shape for his fights. (Sherdog)

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