Hendo to Strikeforce shouldn't shock you!

No, should not surprise you one bit!  Hendo has been the UFC's bastard child since he got to the org...If they arne't careful he will be heading to Strikeforce.  It may be a shock to some but if you pay attention to the way his UFC career has unfolded it really shouldn't.


Here are several quotes from the link.  Now, I do not think Hendo will in fact leave the UFC, but to keep them, all they have to do is give him a title shot!  That's it...Give him a shot at Anderson and he will be happy.  A shot that they should have given him after he knocked out Bisping!


No matter where you work, you have that guy who always gets stuck with the dirty jobs.  He either always takes out the trash, cleans the toilets, or shred the paper.  The one that everyone knows is important (more so because they are doing something so you don’t have to), and at the same time they typically don’t get the recognition and reward they deserve.  Let me introduce you to Dan Henderson…Pride champ, great wrestler, and if the cards fall correctly future Strikeforce poster boy.


Hendo had a rough transition to the UFC.  After all he fought two of their best fighters right up front.  They didn’t give him any break in period, warm up fight, or chance to get used to the cage.  Instead they said hey lets unify that title, you get Rampage (who did get a warm up fight).  After a very good fight (and loss), Hendo then drew the best fighter in the world in Anderson Silva.  By the way, Hendo is the only man in UFC history to have won a round against Silva (although he still lost).


Hendo was not only the benefactor of Bispings Island, but also one of the most devastating KOs of the year!


While it was a nasty KO, it didn’t do enough.  Hendo should have got the title fight.  Instead, the UFC brought in Vitor Belfort.  He destroyed Ace and jumped Hendo for the title shot.  Again, Hendo was left out in the cold without a jacket.

The rest of the origional post can be found here!

What do you guys think?  Should Hendo really jump ship and take on the up and coming fighters at Strikeforce or should he stay put and keep stroking in the UFC?

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