Josh Neer Admits to Mistakenly Being in a Drunken Police Chase


In an interview with, Josh Neer admits to "mistake".

(Link to Video - I don't know how to embed it here)


Some tidbits:

I want to apologize to my friends, my family and uh... my fans, I made some bad choices I basically just wanna move on and put this behind me.

Neer once said about amateur fighters, "Those guys give the sport a bad name and they make professional fighters like us look bad because we're professional athletes." (side note: Whaaa?). When the reporter called him on this and asked if he felt like a hypocrite he said:

No, I think uhh... everybody makes bad choices and I think all you can (do) is learn from your mistakes and move on.

When asked if he feared this would end his UFC days:

I don't know yet, it's all up to the UFC at this point, there's nothing I can really do so uhh.. I just got to sit back and uhh... hopefully they let me fight and I move on from this and uhh... no more troubles.

What does he say to people who think he shouldn't get another chance:

Uhh just, uhh I mean... it's their choice if they wanna give up on me that's their choice, I mean I can't do anything about that. All I can (do) is move on and try to be a better person and try to learn from this.


He will go before a Polk County judge on Friday, facing charges of Operating While Intoxicated and Eluding Police (which is a federal crme).


Note to Neer:

Deciding to paint your kitchen black is a mistake. Closing your eyes and shooting a gun into a crowded apartment building hoping you don't hit anyone (which is what drunk driving is, folks), is not a mistake. Also, this isn't the first time you did it, so you don't get the "learn from the mistakes and move on" pass.

It is obvious someone sent you out to do the I'm So Repentant thing. Save it for the judge, because most of us thinking people hope you not only get tossed from the UFC, but get the full punishment that the law can give


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