Tito Ortiz - Again


Tito Ortiz spoke with about his surgery and his take on the recent fight with Lyoto Machida.


How he feels after the surgery:

"I'm excited to be 100 percent again," Ortiz said. "I'm about 40 percent right now, but I'm not as brittle as a glass house anymore. I'm starting to be able to move around a little more and not taking painkillers anymore is the biggest thing.

"I think I'm blessed, and I can't wait to be 100 percent back into physical shape where I'm able to compete and I'm able to train to where I once was before five years ago. It's been a while, since I lost to (Randy) Couture (in September 2003), that I was 100 percent. And a lot of fans don't really know that, but it was so serious that I had to get surgery."

How he feels about the loss to Lyoto Machida:

"I watched the Machida fight for the first time last night," Ortiz said. "Since competing in it, I haven't even watched the fight. I hate losses. It's like a loved one dying to me. That's how passionate I am about this sport.

"But I watched it, and [my performance] wasn't as bad as I thought it was. [Machida] ran the whole time, and it's kind of funny the whole time to watch (UFC announcers) Mike Goldberg and Joe Rogan hype up how elusive he was -- which I thought was really strange. You can be praised upon being elusive and not fighting?

"And he was putting pressure? I understand how he was putting pressure if he was the one that was going forward the whole time. But it's showing how they can put the icing on the cake of someone who I think is afraid to fight."


"Machida won the fight fair and square," Ortiz said. "It was just really frustrating to watch a guy run away from me the whole time."


"Machida didn't bring it that night, but he did get a win," Ortiz said. "And I think it all played out to Zuffa's way of what they wanted to do with me. But I guess if you're going to lose a fight, lose it like that and not get knocked out.

And, of course:

"Everything happens for a reason in this world. I'm willing to continue my career."

I think it's time he moved to pro-Wrestling. It is my humble opinion that at this point in his career, he is better at being a heel than a fighter. But if he is right after his injury being that bad, and him at 100% now - who knows?


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