Affliction at Madison Square Garden??!!

Due to the original negative response to this post because of my liberal use of hyperbole I've decided to slim this post down to a shortened and more realistic version of the events as I see it.

In a nutshell - Affliction have solid plans for a third event but have not yet announced their plans because they are hoping that MMA will be legalized in this legislative session of the New York State Legislature.

Because of Golden Boy's pre-existing relationship with Madison Square Garden management and Donald Trump's personal relationship with the CEO and controlling family of the owners of MSG, Affliction stand a good chance at leaping over the UFC and booking the Garden before the UFC does.

If this scenario plays itself out, Affliction would be more likely to garner mainstream media attention and would have to be taken more seriously as a competitor to the UFC.

For my original post (hyperbole included!) read below.



Since Day of Reckoning, it seems that the potential of a third Affliction show moves closer and closer to reality. Recent articles by MMA Payout and other blogs have shown that more and more fans are starting to understand how in the context of their t-shirt business, Affliction can lose 1 or 2 million dollars on a show and yet still keep holding events. Whilst I agree, I think that Affliction also have a master plan for

Following Banned which was held on July 19, 2008, Tom Atencio was pretty quick to announce Affliction's second PPV event would be scheduled for October 11, 2008. Looking back through the archives of BE, I confirmed that the original announcement of Fedor-Arlovski was reported by Kevin Iole on July 24, 2008.

Tom Atencio and his gang knew exactly what they were going to do as soon as Tim Sylvia tapped out.

However interestingly enough, following Fedor's KO over Arlovski, Affliction have been awfully quiet. The main talking point has been the snide remark made by Larry Merchant, which has turned out to be been a blessing in disguise for fans, revealing details of the previously opaque relationship between Golden Boy and Affliction. Most importantly Golden Boy have stuck by Affliction and denied Merchant's remarks. The boxing promoter seems to be committed to their MMA partner.This has led me to the following inference:

I highly doubt that Affliction don't know when they plan to hold their next event. They know.

According to NBC New York the NY State Legislature will vote at some point next week to legalize MMA across the Empire State. Might beating the UFC to Madison Square Garden be Affliction's plan to send their promotion into the stratosphere?!

First of all Golden Boy Promotions probably have an extremely good relationship with the management of the Garden, having held numerous events there including 2007's fight between Shane Mosley and Miguel Cotto and various other significant fights throughout the years. One must imagine that despite Dana White's best efforts, he would be second in line for booking the venue if the other call came from Golden Boy CEO Richard Schaefer.

As should be obvious by now, my theory is that Affliction are hoping that MMA will be legalized in New York soon, which will allow them to jump the gun on the UFC and be the first MMA promotion to host an event at Madison Square Garden. One must figure that Donald Trump, as influential an individual as there is in his home town of New York City, has his eyes and ears inside the workings of the State Legislature and would be able to know in advance of anyone connected to the UFC whether or not the UFC's best efforts at legalizing MMA in New York City were successful. Jsut like Lorenzo Fertitta was instrumental in getting MMA regulated in Nevada, NYC is Trump's turf. New York City is a long way from Las Vegas.

By the way, Madison Square Garden is owned by a company called Cablevision. Aside from being the 5th largest cable company in the US, Cablesvision own the New York Knicks and the New York Rangers. And whilst it's a publicly listed company, Cablevision is substantially owned and controlled by members of the Dolan family, including Chief Executive James Dolan. Who just so happenes to be great friends with another New York City high flying business man. One Donald J. Trump.

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P.S. If this hold true, Affliction will definitely achieve mass media coverage for their event pitting the 'unbeatable Russian' Fedor against the 'All-American and youngest ever UFC Champion'.

If they add Tito Ortiz to the roster of the fight card, right bang in the middle of the world's media centre - we could be looking at a serious competitor.

And they would get serious props for outwitting Dana White and the UFC. Be careful what you wish for Dana....

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