Parting Shots from Affliction 2

After being there in person to witness the second Affliction event, I have just a few notes and things to pass along that I wish would happen for the sake of MMA everywhere. Some are a personal view and opinion. I do have some hostility in me, so be prepared. I was there for the first one and I, like my brother, agreed that the second one was better than the first one in terms of the actual quality of the fights. We agreed that the fights were better and that the production value was probably better, as well. But anyways, let's get to the notes and other stuff.


  • Sokoudjou is the most worthless fighter I've ever seen when the fight hits the mat. He looks like a total noob down there. Garbage.
  • Sidelnikov has a bright future ... as soon as he learns to move his head and get cardio.
  • Cooper did something I wish more people in MMA would do ... use the uppercut. It's the most worthwhile yet seldom used weapon.
  • Sobral is improving, which is tough to do at that age. That KO loss to Lambert seems to have woke him up.
  • I feel for Lauzon. Three shots to the groin and he still won in the first (same) round.
  • LC Davis is a stud. Once he gets more seasoning, he might be one of the best 145'ers in the world. No shame in losing to Fabiano a while back.
  • Rogerio is a guy who the UFC should probably sign but probably never will. Not much left for him out there outside of Sobral and Ortiz.
  • Barnett knew better than to stand with Yvel, you could see it in his eyes. Smart gameplan to just ride him out on the ground. Stuck to the plan.
  • Arlovski did the opposite. He somehow decided it would be awesome to throw an unnecessary flying knee. And he got knocked into next week.
  • But Lindland got knocked into next month. Thank the Lord for Vitor Belfort. My life is now complete. Hopefully, so is Lindland's career.
  • If Arlovski is into next week and Lindland into next month, then Jason High was knocked into next year because Jay Hieron abused him.
  • Rios and Davis won the same type of decision. They decisively lost the first round while narrowly winning the second and third. Got those fights right on my card.
  • Fedor did what Fedor does. Survive and destroy. Barnett is next. And I feel sorry for him. But at least it's an awesome matchup.
  • Eleven fights and only two went the distance (both on undercard). That's how you sell a card and PPV. Finish the fights damnit.
  • After Barnett/Fedor, what's the next big Heavyweight fight that Affliction can make? Fedor/Overeem ... anyone?

Signings I'd like to see Affliction make:

  • Muhammed Lawal (205)
  • Gesias Cavalcante (155)
  • Eddie Alvarez (155)
  • Jake Shields (170)
  • Jorge Santiago (185)
  • Gegard Mousasi (185/205)
  • Alistair Overeem (HW)
  • Sergei Kharitonov (HW)
  • Roger Gracie (HW)

Obviously most are just a dream but I don't see why a few can't be had. But oh well.

Oh, and just in case someone says Fedor isn't known in the states ... go to an Affliction event and tell me the average fan doesn't know who he is.

The guy got the biggest ovation I've ever seen in my life. Belfort, Sobral, and Arlovski each received a smaller but big reaction. As did Rogerio.

And nothing made me happier than to watch Lindland walk out of that ring like a little bitch. The guy is the most garbage fighter I've ever had to watch and watching Belfort almost force his trashy ass out of the ring in a stretcher was the greatest thing I've ever seen live and in person. The biggest douchebag in MMA was almost killed tonight and I had a smile from ear-to-ear. Call me heartless, I do not care. The guy had it coming to him. Go back to politics, Matt. You suck when you are required to step up in competition.

Best Entrance Music: Antonio Duarte [Cancion Del MariachiI (Morena De Mi Corazon)] -- from Desperado
Best Entrance Attire: Albert Rios
Best Knockout: Fedor Emelianenko
Best Submission: Dan Lauzon
Best Fight: LC Davis versus Bao Quach
Best Performer: Vitor Belfort
Biggest Surprise: Sokoudjou still not having a ground game

\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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