Dynamite!! 2008 Ratings Are in and They Are Not Good *UPDATED*

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Nightmare of Battle is reporting that the television ratings from the year end FiELDS Dynamite!! 2008 event are in and they are less than what was expected.

Dynamite!! Part 1 (19:00-21:00) 11.8%
Dynamite!! Part 2 (21:00-23:00) 12.9%
Dynamite!! Part 3 (23:00-23:24) 8.4%

Compared to the last couple of years:


(18:00-20:30)- 11.1%
(20:30-23:00)- 14.7%
(23:00-23:34)- 11.1%



In a pre-event press conference FEG President Sadaharu Tanikawa said they were aiming for 15% and over. The final part was the section that had the most amount of 'star' fighters that included Mirko vs. Choi, Mark Hunt, Shinya Aoki vs Eddie Alvarez, Gegard Mousasi and Sakuraba vs Tamura. 

The second part had fights including the unbelievable Sapp vs. "Kinniku Mantaro", Seemy Schilt vs Mighty Mo, Hayato Sakurai, Kawajiri vs Kozo and Hari vs Overeem.

Based on how the talent was spread out one would assume that the third part of the event would have gotten higher ratings than the second part or at least an equal amount due to the inclusion of Sakuraba, Mirko and Aoki. Those are three big time names in Japan. Well Cro Cop may not be as big as he once was because he left for the States. Still though the part should have gotten better ratings. Maybe the freakshow fight is what the fans really wanted to see and they only stayed tune for that section.

The first part of the event was the Under 18 tournament and a few less than high caliber fights which include Andy Ologun vs Sakaguchi and Minowaman vs. Zimmerman. It's kinda a surprise that this part would score higher ratings than the 'main card' of the event but maybe thats due to the fact that people intitially tuned in and as the long night progressed they tuned out. Whatever the reason may be this is pretty bad news for FEG. Its a shame to see that no matter how many stars were packed into this Dynamite!! show they cold not live up to previous years shows.


Apparently I assumed too much in thinking that TBS was airing the event in the order in which it happened live but that was not the case. According to Nightmare of Battle here is how the event broke down into when it was on television

Part 1: Minowaman, Andy, Koshien Semifinals, Kyshenko, Sakurai, Tokoro
Part 2: Alistair, Kawajiri, Sapp, Mirko, Koshien Final, Mousasi, Aoki, Sakuraba
Part 3: Manhoef, Schilt

This makes much more sense as the highest rated segment was the segment with Sakuraba, Tamura, Mirko and Aoki and the lowest rated segment didn't have the fan favorites or particularly good fights.

Also of note is how the show did comparatively against the other NYE shows that were on at the time and as someone had pointed out in the comments section the Dynamite!! show did very well against the competition.

TBS got the second/third best rating on NYE with Dynamite. Of course, NHK won with the song contest, but after that was Dynamite!! or the comedy show (which is really fun) on Nippon TV which got around the same ratings.

How the channel does versus other channels should be more important than the ratings number. So this isn’t a catastrophe in any way, especially considering KID and Masato didn’t participate. But it isn’t good either.

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