UFC 93: Surprisingly Interesting

Well, here it is Monday and I finally got around to watching UFC 93. I just couldn't get too excited about this one. The card, on paper, was uninspired, and I have no particular loyalty or even fanaticism for any of the fighters featured on this card.  After watching it, however,  I have to admit that I was wrong -- this was a pretty interesting card, as it turns out.

Chris Lytle vs. Marcus Davis

After all the talk about not going to the ground, there was this tremendous buzz about how the fight amounted to some sort of collusion.  What was perceived as collusion was really just hype.  This fight was unlikely to go to the ground from the outset -- partly the reason it was always the most compelling fight on the card.  What I was expecting to see (collusion or no) was exactly what I got to see:  A very interesting stylistic contrast in the stand-up.  Lytle going for the knock out, and Davis willing to simply pick him apart. Lytle came very close to achieving his goal, but Davis's style proved to be more robust.  DEFINITELY, FOTN!

Alan Belcher vs. Denis Kang

Alan Belcher, despite having a bizarre game plan, proved that he is legit.  I remember the last time he fought, I was thinking that he would get killed against someone who could take it to the ground -- he proved me wrong.  Belcher has gotten rounded in a hurry.  I hope he finds a new camp because his stand-up looked like it had gotten worse even if his BJJ has gotten good.  That's right, his BJJ was better than Kang's, and that's impressive. Keep your eyes on this kid, 'cause he's only gonna get better.

Jeremy Horn vs. Rousimar Palhares

Is the UFC trying to tarnish Palhares?  Are they afraid of this fighter because he's "not exciting," or because he has the best chance in the division of beating Anderson Silva?  Why on earth did they pair him with Gumby?  If they don't like Palhares and they want to burry him, then they did a good job in paring him with someone that was just gonna turtle for 3 rounds. I wonder if the UFC gave Horn a "Survival Bonus," cause that's what Horn was fighting for.  IMO, Toquinho has the best chance of beating The Spider.

Thomas Egan vs. John Hathaway

Obviously a fight for the british crowd. Neither fighter is a real contender in the division.

Mark Coleman vs. Mauricio Rua

This fight was actually alright for 1.5 rounds. I have a hard time saying that one fighter is much better than the other, considering that they BOTH gassed after the first round.  Coleman's wrestling was adequate, and Shogun's stand-up was adequate as well.  This could have easily been traded for an undercard fight (I wanted to see Kampmann) but I guess there was a Coleman draw that pulled it up to the main card.

Dan Henderson vs. Rich Franklin

I really liked this fight because it provides another example of how wrestlers get favoritism in the UFC.  The bottom line is that Hendo won because of the takedowns.  He was unable to do damage on the ground, and was bested in the stand-up. Minus the head butt and eye poke, he did far less damage than Franklin overall (presumably the illegal strikes aren't counted by the judges).  Why did he win? Cause of the takedowns.  For christ sake, this isn't a wrestling match, this is the UFC.  I feel like ranting, but I won't.

The funny thing is that I'm starting to become brain washed by the UFC scoring system. I kept telling myself that Franklin was in trouble every time he got taken down -- even though he was doing just fine off his back. The scoring system has to change -- a takedown shouldn't be worth anything if it doesn't lead to damage!!

Over all this was an adequate card. No worse than UFC 89 or 90. It may not have had any big names, but it had some interesting outcomes.

Why all the hate?




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