The Week in Quotes: January 10th - 16th



"You create your own luck in this sport." - Former UFC heavyweight champion Mark Coleman, alluding to his first fight with Mauricio Rua in 2006. (MMA Weekly)

"You don’t post your arm like that and I’m sure if he looked at the film, he’d realize it, so it did bother me." - Coleman, Dale Hartt is also taking credit for his hard-earned victory over Corey "Leg Kick" Hill.

"I'm not proud of what happened. I don't blame either camp but they did ambush me." - Coleman, blaming the Chute Boxe camp for the brawl following his fight with Rua. (Cage Writer)

"To be honest it was kind of cool." - Coleman, and it's right up there with your decision to bring them to the Fedor fight as "Father of the Year" material.

"He was awesome when I sucked, basically." - Alan Belcher, giving unique props to Denis Kang. (

"I think that this has the makings to be like the Griffin-Bonnar fight." - Marcus Davis, prognosticating on his bout with Chris Lytle. (Sherdog)

"I’m hoping we have the kind of fight that people are going to be talking about not just at the water cooler the next day, but five years down the road." - Davis

"If I could fight the guys in the UFC in a Muay Thai fight, I think I would destroy them, it wouldn't even be close." - Belcher, doesn't seem to understand the concept of mixed martial arts. (Globe Sports)


"I don't believe there is pleasure in life. I believe there is only a relief of pain." - UFC welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre, channeling his inner Buddha. (UFC Prime Time)

"Is GSP a great fighter? Yeah he's a great fighter, but he's a quitter, he's a front runner, he's that bully guy that's big and strong, but once you push through, once you get through all of that — and it aint easy — but once you get through it, he's gonna fold, and he's gonna quit." - UFC lightweight champion B.J. Penn

"BJ thinks I'm a quitter? I'm not the one who come from a wealthy family. I come from a poor environment. I'm the one who worked three jobs at the same time in the past. I'm the one who didn't have money. I'm the one who has struggled to be where I'm at right now." - St. Pierre, revealing he worked as a garbage man to get by while paying for training.

"It's hard to stay motivated when you already have plenty of money." - UFC President Dana White, trying to explain Penn's previous problems with motviation.

"He’s not a drama queen, he’s a drama king." - Penn trainer Rudy Valentino, responding to White's criticisms of Penn's training habits. (Bloody Elbow)


"Fedor says ’sambo is just hobby.’ But let’s be serious. Sambo is sambo is sport is sport is fight is fight." - Former UFC heavyweight champion Andrei Arlovski, quietly becoming MMA's Yogi Berra. (Sherdog)

"We’ve got a bunch of 12 and 13 year olds training with us now, so it’s going to be amazing in a couple years." - Female phenom Gina Carano, not to be confused with a 40 year old pedofile. (

"I bet the rest of my career that any Brazilian lightweight fighter can beat him easily." - EliteXC heavyweight champion Antonio Silva, with a generous opinion of Kimbo Slice's skills. (MMA Mania)

"In my mind, whether I’m over there in Japan in the IGF or in the ring in Affliction, they’re all pro wrestling to me. I’m fighting for the entertainment of the fans." - Former UFC heavyweight champion Josh Barnett, considering going under the Kinnikuman hood. (MMA Mania)

"So we’re going to step up and fight Bo Cantrell on February 13th in Fresno, California." - Ken Shamrock, and they can promote the fight as the two men afraid to fight Kimbo Slice! (

"Japan and the United States and any place that has scary roller coasters." - WAMMA heavyweight champion Fedor Emelianenko, in a fight with the roller coaster I take Fedor by armbar. (DreamFighters)

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