Will Ribeiro Health Update

I know many of you were previously interested in updates regarding Will Ribeiro's condition. I received the following message in my inbox (for which I have no link source). It appears he is coming along slowly, but he's fortunately going to make it through.

The shirt's that are detailed later on are clearly relegated to Brazil, but if I find a source to purchase them domestically, or any other charity source within the states, I'll pass along word. For now, if any BE readers are in Brazil, I'll keep the phone number intact.

Will Ribeiro remains in recovery. The WEC fighter suffered a motorcycle accident December 16th and was held in critical condition at Andarai Hospital, in Rio de Janeiro. Despite his clinical outlook seeming to have improved, Will still needs a series of special cares to make a full recovery.

His treatment is not cheap for the fighter's family and, in search of financial resources, some measures are being taken to help him. The first step was taken by event promoter Andre Pederneiras, who will donate the proceeds from the upcoming January 14 Shooto Brazil event to Will's family. Beyond that, Will's brother, Wladimir, is selling a t-shirt to try and raise funds.

"Since the Shooto ticket costs R$ 100, a lot of people are unable to help, since they don't have the money. So I'm selling a shirt with Will's photo on it and 'FORÇA IRMÃO, AMIGOS DO GUERREIRO WILL RIBEIRO' (Be strong, brother. Friends of Will Ribeiro) inscribed on it. It will cost only R$ 10 and lots of people will be able to help. We need money to pay for his treatment and other necessities. He is in a public hospital and there's a lot missing," said Wladimir, who told of how his brother is doing.

"He's sedated, sleeping, but they already lowered the dosage of the medications. His arms and legs are responding normally, he's already breathing without machines and he understands what we say to him. We talk to him, speak into his ear and ask him to blink if he understands us. Joinha (Jorge Guimaraes, his manager), who likes Will a lot, visited and Will recognized him. The doctors say he will come to little by little. He took a really hard knock to the head and it will take a while for his memory to be fully restored," he finished.

Those interested in helping the fighter and buy a Will t-shirt can do so by phone: (021) 8758-5870.

Update: Here is the link to the original Graciemag article.

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