Josh Neer Arrested After Crash, Drunken Police Chase

610x_medium has of the story.

Police weren't even an hour into the New Year before they began a high-speed chase through the metro Thursday morning.


The case was captured on DOT traffic cams at 12:40 a.m. It started in downtown when Joshua Neer, 25, of Urbandale, struck a police car.

A chase ensued that wound through the city before Neer jumped on I-35/80 at the 86th Street on-ramp.

Cameras showed several officers in pursuit as he headed east on the Interstate. 

Officers deployed stop sticks to flatten the cars's tires. Neer finally gave up near the east mix master, police said.

Neer faces a second offense DUI charge and is also charged with eluding police.


According to, Neer was later released on $7000 bail.


More from the DesMoines Register:

Drunken revelers kept metro area police scrambling on New Year’s Eve, including an allegedly intoxicated professional “ultimate fighter” who caused a car crash in downtown Des Moines then took off at speeds topping 100 mph.

Joshua Martin Neer, a 25-year-old Iowan who is competing in Tampa next month in an Ultimate Fighting Championship, was charged with a felony after leading police on a 20-mile chase that ended on Interstate 80.


Just after midnight, a squad car on routine patrol was stopped for a red light on Court Avenue when the car behind rear-ended it, according to a written report. The woman told police her car was also struck from behind.

The 25-year-old male driver in the third car, a black Audi Quattro, then pulled out, crossed into oncoming traffic on Court Avenue, and turned north on Fourth Street, the police report stated.

Police chased the Audi 20 miles.

At Sixth and Euclid avenues, the officer attempted a stop the fleeing car by hitting the back right quarter panel with the front left side of the squad car, a technique known as a precision immobilization technique, or PIT maneuver.

The Audi spun around but the driver regained control and continued west on Euclid Avenue.

Des Moines police continued the chase as the Audi traveled into Urbandale, then onto Interstate Highway 80 eastbound. The Audi reached speeds in excess of 100 mph in a 65 mph zone, the police report says.

The chase ended at mile marker 137.

Police charged Neer, of 3535 Jersey Ridge Road No. 312 in Davenport, with felony eluding and second-offense operating while intoxicated shortly after 1 a.m. on New Year’s Day, records show.

I hope he gets the most that the law can give him. Drunk driving is one of the worst, and most avoidable, things that can be done and leads to the deaths of parents, grandparents, children, etc.. My respect for this guy just dropped below zero. Happy New Year, Josh Neer! I hope you rot in prison.




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