Quinton "Rampage" Jackson Speaks


Over on Fight Hype they have an interview with Quinton "Rampage" Jackson in which he discusses his recent KO of Wanderlei "The Axe Murderer" Silva, and some other things. As many of you know, Rampage's mind tends to wander and flitter about as he makes various points. I tried to pick the pieces and put them in the appropriate categories.


How did he feel before the fight:

I was just focused. I didn't want to do the howl. I didn't want to howl until I knocked him out, you know what I'm saying? I can honestly say my last fight kind of changed me. It did something to me and I don't even think I'm the same person no more.


I was happy I was nervous for this fight because two times I fought Wanderlei, I wasn't nervous at all. Those were the only two times I've never not been nervous before in my whole career and this was the most nervous I've ever been so it's kind of weird, but it all played out.

What was his gameplan:

My plan was to whoop his ass. 


I know Wanderlei swings wild with his punches. I fought Wanderlei twice. The same way I beat him Saturday was the same way I was supposed to beat him those other times, but things didn't work right. It don't matter what he do, it matters what I do. That's my philosophy on the way I fight.

What does he think about his new training crew, and umm.. God. Actually he was just asked about his new camp but...

I'm going to tell ya'll what's real and people can take it how they like it and take it how they want to and if they don't like it, so be it. I give all the glory to God man. Everybody knows I was going through a whole lot. I had a lot of stuff going on with me and God kept me strong. He kept my mind strong and kept me focused. The Wolfslair Team is teh best team around. They work hard and they did everything. They showed me love, they trained me hard, they took good care of me and put they heart and soul into it. I have to thank the Wolfslair Team for everything they did for me, but all glory is to God man. All praises go to the most high. People don't understand, I came a long way, I came a long way.

Regarding Wanderlei shoving him at the weigh in:

I'm telling you, I knew Wanderlei was going to do that. That's the second time that he's pushed me or something like that. I'm not the type of person to treat people like that. I do my fighting in the octagan, that' where I do my fighting at. ... He didn't motivate me no more than I was already motivated.


I was laughing because he is predictable, you know what I'm saying? I knew he was going to do it and that's what made it so funny. What people didn't see is they have a fighters backroom and when he came in the room he was looking at me and talking loud. He asked me why I was smiling at him and laughing at him and we had some words back there. I ain't going to get into everything that was said, but the other fighters were back there and they heard everything. He came back there starting some more stuff. He wanted to fight back there. I only fight for money. I don't see a reason for fighting backstage when people can break it up real fast.

The knock out of Wanderlei Silva:

If Wanderlei wasn't going down from that left, that right was coming right behind it. He would have had to go down sooner or later. Wanderlei is a tough cat and he recovers from punches really fast when you drop him. All I was thinking is if he didn't go down, I just gotta stay on him.

He talks about using supplements after all these years without doing so:

All these supplements man... I hooked up with Kerry Kayes, who is Ricky Hatton's nutritionalist in the UK. He broke nutrition down to me where I could understand it. No one ever broke it down to me to where I could understand it. I had some injuries and stuff when I was fighting and training and it was breaking down my body. I didn't have enough protein because, number one, I wasn't eating right and then I wasn't taking in the right protein with shakes, multi-vitamins, meal replacements and recovery drinks. He had me on this program with his nutrition company called CNP based in the UK and he put me down on these supplements and they were the real deal. I just feel like that was a blessing in itself right there. ... I might start liking training. It wasn't hard, I had a lot of energy to train, I could go the five minutes easy and I was sparring real hard with tough guys. I had a new guy every two minutes and they were going full blast and I was keeping up with everybody. I was handling my business and I think it was because of the supplements.


(Supplements) made me a whole new person. I'm a whole new fighter.

His response to Joe Rogan saying that he had difficulty making weight:

Joe Rogan probably didn't know what he was talking about right then and there. I could have made 205 if I wanted to. I didn't have any trouble cutting weight. I'm not the champion right now. Ionly have to be 206.

His response to Mike Whitehead saying that he was throwing scared punches:

Who the hell is Mike Whitehead?

To what does he attribute his knock out power:

I have a big ass and big legs an when I hit people, I put my ass into it. That's where the knock out power comes from when I throw them punches. I'm not that skilled to know all of that stuff, but that's what boxing trainers and people are telling me; that it comes from your legs and your ass and I kinda figured that.

Who does he want to fight next?

I want Forrest. I want everybody that has ever beaten me. I've been saying that over and over. I want everybody that's beaten me in the past.  I want to fight Forrest next bcause that was a bad fight. I want that one more, because, I don't mean to be complaining or crying, but when I lay down at night, that's one of the things that stays in my mind. I'm not mad at Forrest. I can't blame Forrest. Forrest didn't make me gain a whole lot of weight and take so much time off from training. Forrest didn't have nothing to do with that. It's all about me. I'm upset with myself for that. It's all about me but I want to prove to myself that I can beat Forrest bcause I know I can.

Final note of happiness:

I just want to let everybody in this world know that it doesn't matter what you're going through or what kind or curveball life throws at you, you gotta stay positive, stay happy and turn to God. People get all depressed and some people commit suicide... we got people committing suicide and I don't want to say no names because it's all speculation right now. There is no problem bad enough to where you gotta kill yourself, you know what I'm saying? Everybody knows about my recent problems and that was a real low point in my life. I was real embarrassed with everything, but I still came out and showed my face. I was still the same person; I smiled at people because I know that's life.




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