Kenny Florian Officially Joins the Anti-Mazzagatti Bandwagon


According to, company man Kenny "Kenflo" Florian is the latest to join the anti-Mazzagatti bandwagon, saying:

"I think someone should have gotten him glasses for Christmas," Florian said. "I'll be honest, he really has been late with a lot of his calls, and it has been a consistent thing with him."

Naturally, this has more to do with making sure he stays on Dana White's Nice List (and thus, Brock Lesnar's) than it has to do with reality, and I think we will see more yessir fighters come along soon, unfortunately.


In my opinion, what this all boils down to is referee intimidation. It is saying, "Don't screw with our cash cow or we'll do what we can to hurt your career." We saw it when Brock Lesnar had his lawyers get Mazzagatti removed from refereeing his match with Randy Couture, because he dared to enforce the rules against Lesnar in his match against Mir.


Anyone who can use google can easily see how absurd this whole thing is, as Mazzagatti and other referees are always criticized for stopping fights too early or too late. Sometimes there are even debates among fans about whether a fight was stopped too early or too late.


It is sad to see how quickly many fans are also jumping on the bandwagon. As I said somewhere else, referee's can't win. The only perfect referee is the retired referee Big John, and he will stop being perfect in the mind of the fans as soon as he starts to referee big matches again and a call goes against someone's opinion.


They are not perfect, but then neither are the fighters - but they do their best and I think the Nevada referees do a hell of a good job.


I found this photo while searching for a photo of Mazzagatti and it made me laugh. enjoy.



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