Bloody Elbow Judo Chop: Shinya Aoki's Next Level Grappling


I was pretty confident that the FiELD Dynamite! show would produce something worthy of a Judo Chop and sure enough Shinya Aoki came through.

As the gif to the right begins with both fighters standing and Aoki behind Alavarez with his arms wrapped around Eddie's waist.

Alvarez responds with a nice judo takedown -- I'm going to call it Harai Makikomi but please correct me in the comments. The announcers called it Harai Goshi.

Alvarez lands in side control and quickly takes mount attempts to get mount but Shinya gets his right knee between Eddie's legs and messes things up. In 99% of fights, that's the move we'd be discussing cause it's pretty bad ass.

From there Aoki immediately wraps up Alvarez' right leg and when Alvarez stands up, Aoki spins around and immediately achieves total control of Alvarez' right leg and the heel hook finish is imminent.

Amazing stuff. Has anyone seen this technique described in a video or book? Is this something I'd find in one of the Eddie Bravo books?

UPDATE: As Jordan Breen Points out in the comments, Alvarez never got full mount. Shinya gets his right knee up high between Alvarez' legs and was working for half-guard. Eddie made the fatal decision to stand up, thereby giving up his leg.

Gif by smoogy. Couple more in the extended entry.

About the name of this feature: I chose Judo Chop because it’s an utter misnomer that is sometimes used by poorly informed MMA commentators during fights. It’s also from the Austin Powers movie. I chose it because it reflects my own lack of expertise and what this column is: my stumbling along in the dark trying to get a handle on the technical aspects of the fights. The techniques featured here will sometimes involve judo but not always. Sorry if that's confusing.


Here's the rest of the heel hook and the tap out.  Alvarez does what he can to escape, rolling with the hold and attempting to control Aoki's right leg. But it's not enough Gif by smoogy.

From this angle, I'm not 100% satisfied that its a heel hook as I can't see the crook of Aoki's elbow which should have Alvarez' heel "hooked" so that when he twists it puts unbearable (and dangerous) pressure on the opponent's knee. To get a better look at a heel hook check out this post.

Here's Wikipedia on heel hooks:

A heel hook is a leg lock affecting multiple joints, and is applied by transversely twisting the foot either medially or laterally. The torsional force puts severe torque on the ankle, which in turn transfers torque to the knee. The heel hook is generally considered to be a very dangerous leg lock, with a high rate of injury, especially to ligaments in the knee. It was subsequently banned in many combat sports featuring other leg locks such as Brazilian jiu-jitsu[2] and Sambo[3]. The heel hook is however an allowed technique in some submission wrestling and mixed martial arts competitions.

There are several variations of heel hooks, with the most typical being performed by placing the legs around a leg of an opponent, and holding the opponent's foot in the armpit on the same side. The legs are used to control the movement of the opponent's body while the opponent's foot is twisted by holding the heel with the forearm, and using the whole body to generate a twisting motion, hence creating severe medial torque on the ankle. A similar heel hook can be performed by holding the opponent's foot in the opposite armpit, and twisting it laterally; a move which is referred to as an inverted, reverse or inside heel hook.

Its possible this is an achilles lock -- description from Wikipedia:

An achilles lock (also called an achilles hold or achilles squeeze) is a compression lock that involves pressing the achilles tendon into the back of the ankle or lower leg. It is typically performed by wedging a forearm, especially a bony part of it, into the achilles tendon, while leveraging the foot and the leg over the forearm serving as a fulcrum. This causes severe pressure on the achilles tendon, and often also results in an ankle lock, since the ankle is being used as a point of leverage. Similarly, some ankle locks also cause a compression lock on the achilles tendon, and hence the term "achilles lock" is often also used to describe such ankle locks.

I'm going with heel hook but don't feel 100% satisfied from the angle.

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