Thoughts on UFC 88

While watching UFC 88 several things occured to me:

1) The American Style of MMA

Doesn't there seem to be this "American Style" emerging in MMA?  By "American Style" what I really mean is some very slick shot & submission defense.  This kind of defense has always played a role in MMA, but in the U.S. it seems to have taken a whole new level. In UFC 88 this became apparent in all the fights where Americans fought foreigners.

Brown vs. The Korean Guy:  Matt Brown spent the first round defending nasty choke attempts and, after finding his rhythm, was able to defend against some wicked Judo throws by the Korean challenger.  The offense that Brown was able to mount consisted mostly of exciting and crisp strikes which scored and ultimately kept the fight close (some, including Rogan, felt he won). Brown lost to the Korean by Split Decision.

The same could be said for Dan Henderson vs. The Brazilian Guy: Palhares has some extraordinarily deadly BJJ, so much so that Hendo refused to go to the mat (even though he has had success there in the past). Henderson was able to neutralize the BJJ with some excellent takedown defense, not to mention a great game plan which he implemented well.  The fight stayed standing for the majority and Henderson was able to land the more effective strikes. Hendo won by decision. 

What about Marquardt vs. The Danish Dude: Kampmann is known world wide for his Thai Striking, but I don't think Marquardt ever even thought about taking it to the ground. Marquardt by knock out.

Neither of the American wrestling specialists (Hamill & Evans) tried to take it down. Hamill got knocked out in a stand up war and Evans KO'd the Ice Man.

I say bring on the Japanese!


2) Nate "the great" Marquardt is Ready for a Rematch with Anderson "the spider" Silva

Wow... he looked good! In my mind his cardio is still a question but I think he has the second best chance of beating Silva right now (second behind Palhares, who won't be getting a chance anytime soon).  No more foder for Anderson, let him fight someone who can win.


3) Joe Rogan has an enormous Man Crush on Randy Couture,

And so do I.


4)Why Do I Love Tim Boetsch?

Is it because of the Conan theme music?

Is it because he learned to fight by watching Bruce Lee movies?

The UFC obviously loves him too (look at the CAN they gave him to kick).


5) Finally, How did Franklin ever cut to 185?

He looks damn good at 205. He actually looks more energetic and crisp. We might actually get to see his amazing skill set by having him fight against "bigger" guys. What a great decision for him to go to 205. By the way, Hamill did not look any bigger than Franklin, and Franklin actually looked to be stronger. I wonder how he will match up against a guy like Rampage or Wandy?


I look forward to hearing your takes on UFC 88.

BTW, some might say, "what about Evans"? But lets face it -- was that really a surprise?

\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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