UFC reaction and thoughts on other reactions

Well it turned out to be a pretty good card, but no doubt, 88 will be remembered for the brutal KO of the Iceman, Chuck Liddell.


-Many of us gave Rashad a slim shot, and he was underrated for sure. However, I think we may have been as guilty of overrating Chuck. He has been a very good champion, but the style of hands out wide and at his waist, did him in last night. As I rewatched the end of the fight, what stuck with me was the location of his left hand, it was nowhere near a defensive position. We all knew Rashad was the superior athlete and much quicker, didn't Chuck?

-Poor Rich Franklin. The mysterious black left eye and now a right eye that looks like Mike Tyson stopped by for a Midnight snack. Hammill looked huge and I think he has a future, but Franklin's striking looked pretty good. Still not sure how he will fare against a top 8-10 LHW, but I think his future is at 205.

-Dan Henderson, thanks for the win, I just didn't want to see him drop three in a row. This was a very good win and should keep Dan's name in the title shot talk (with another win, of course). Palhares showed he is a tough guy, took some big punches and almost finished Hendo. This dude is legit and I am expecting some big things from him. Where was Henderson's ground 'n' pound? Greatly absent, due to the fact that he knew the ground was no place to be. When a great fighter alters his gameplan like that, it should tell you something about his opponent.

-Nate Marquardt. I remember a couple of years ago, thinking that he wouldn;t be around long, due to his "boring" style. Not that I didn't like it, but I know the mentality of the UFC fans. Kampmann is a good fighter, and Nate looked like he was doing drills on him. Damn, I want to see a Marquardt/Almeida rematch! On a side note, Nate was at the Colorado Open BJJ/Sub Grappling tournament last Saturday, supporting and coaching his students. Even though I am from a rival school, it impressed me that he was there, when he easily could have stayed away prepping for this fight.

-Dong. Dong won, 29-28. Neither guy looked that great and you have to love the boo birds at mma events.

-Jasons. Jason McDonald is tough and I thought he was done in round one, but boy did he look to finish in round two. Lambert, I just don't know. That was a tough fight, so let's see what he does next.

-So we get Rashad/Forrest, not what I would call a big draw. BUT, it is two TUF guys fighting for a title, which lends that much more legitimacy to TUF. Add it to a card with Nog/Mir, and we could have a huge card.

Overall, it turned out to be a pretty good card. Now, hold on, as we get a ton of mma over the next few months!

\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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