UFC 88 Results, Updates and LIVE Fight Coverage

UFC 88I'll be live blogging the fights tonight, starting at 10pm eastern. Check back for coverage and commentary.

Remember don't post the results of the undercard fights in the comments as many of us will be wanting to enjoy the fights on the PPV broadcast. If you can't wait, Sherdog has the undercard results in real time.

Here we go, the ppv broadcast has begun. Rogan and Goldberg are hyping the top two fights.

Fight Card

Dong Hyun Kim vs. Matt Brown

The Stun Gun is promising to put on a show with striking and knees. Matt Brown comes out to "Devil Came Down to Georgia" -- pandering to the Atlanta crowd.  Kim comes out to Red Hot Chili Peppers covering Stevie Wonder. Mario Yamasaki is the ref -- could be brutal, Mario isn't known for quick stoppages.

Round 1. Brown gets thai plum but Kim is quick to get a takedown and gets Brown's back. Brown escapes. Kim climbs his back and goes for RNC -- almost has the choke but Brown escapes. Kim jumps on his back again. Kim is on Brown's back and working for a kimura. Brown reverses, in Kim's guard.  Back to their feet. Kim connects with a left. Brown misses a spinning back fist but avoids a trip takedown. Kim going for a double leg, Brown fights it off, throws a knee. Kim goes for a trip, lands on the bottom, Brown working for a side headlock choke. Kim gets his back again, working for a kimura! I score that one 10-9 for Kim.

Round 2. Kim breathing heavy. Brown landing leg kicks and a body shot. Kim goes for a flying knee, misses, lands on his back. Brown landing knees in the thai plum, Kim looks tired. Kim fails another takedown attempt. Brown stuffs ANOTHER takedown! Brown on top, throwing punches. They stand and trade in the clinch. Brown back in Kim's guard. Brown escapes and eats an upkick. Brown lands a standing spinning punch! Very cool move. Walks away from Kim to force a standup. Brown landing knees in the clinch. Kim misses a big left and eats several shots. Another taketown by Brown, working for an armtriangle. I'd score this one 10-8 for Brown.

Round 3.  Brown comes out excited. Kim looks flat. Brown forgot his mouthpiece, gets a break. Brown misses a superman punch. Kim gets a takedown and side control. Goes for knee on stomach and Brown escapes and lands some knees to the body in the clinch. Has Kim up against the cage. Kim tries for a throw, Brown stuffs it and works for a single leg of his own. Brown landing body punches up against the cage. Kim lands an elbow to the face. Brown uses a whizzer to stuff a throw! Nicely done. Kim gets a takedown, Brown gets guard. Brown defending well. Kim lands a big elbow. Another. Brown is cut. I score it 10-9 for Kim. This one could go either way. I call it for Kim but we'll see what the judges say.

Kim wins the split decision. Tough break for Brown. The crowd is booing. Kim apologizes to the crowd.

Martin Kampmann vs. Nathan Marquardt
If Kampmann wins he's in line for a quick title shot, Marquardt probably has to win another after this. Greg Jackson in Marquardt's corner.

Round 1. Nate with a quick right. Kampmann with a kick that's blocked. Kampmann catches him with a right. Nate lands a big kick drops Kampmann. Nate tries to finish him. Landing tough shots up against the fence. Huge uppercut. Marquardt!!!!! Punishes Kampmann with a very quick demolition. That was an asswhipping. People won't call him boring anymore. 1:22 TKO Marquardt.

Dan Henderson vs. Rousimar Palhares
Palhares comes in to LL Cool J's new single! Goldberg is in on the song promo too. Murilo Bustamante is in his corner. Bustamante of course has faced Henderson a couple of times. Henderson has Matt Lindland and Soukodjou in his corner.Big Boi in the crowd.

Round 1.  Henderson is stalking Rousimar. Palhares shoots, gets stuffed and eats a vicious right. Some ground and pound by Dan. Palhares is shooting from a distance and getting stuffed. Not much of a game plan for the Brazilian. Body kick by Palhares, eats a right. Palhares misses a big high kick and shoots again. Henderson clearly respects Palhares on the ground, he's being totally defensive. Jabs by Rousimar. They trade in the clinch and Henderson lights him up. Palhares fires back with a series of kicks, landing a nice body kick. Henderson with a nice jab. Palhares gets a single leg! Henderson almost gets some kind of head scissors, now Rousimar has side mount. Henderson gets 1/2 guard. Palhares working for a knee bar as the round ends. Tough round to score. I'd give it to Henderson 10-9, but could see it going the other way.

Round 2. They're feeling each other out. Palhares shoots and is stuffed again. Palhares with a huge slam! Henderson in guard. Palhares throwing and working to pass guard. Palhares has a heel hook! Henderson escapes! Very close! Henderson stuffs a shoot and is working a choke, has Palhares in front headlock. They stand, Henderson throwing uppercuts. Palhares shoots Henderson stuffs it, ends up in Palhares' guard, landing shots from the top. Palhares grabs a leg, throws his hips around, nothing. Henderson elbows from the top. Dean stands them up. Henderson lands a right. They trade missed kicks as the time runs out. Hard round to score. I'll give it to Palhares for the heel hook and the slam 10-9.

Round 3. Henderson jabbing to open the round. Palhares shoots, gets stuffed and lands a heel kick. Rousimar lands a jab, misses with a kick that looks bad. Henderson jabbing. Another sprawl by Dan. Henderson with 2 rights. Palhares firing back. Palhares with a low kick. Henderson seems to be limping a bit from the heel hook. Henderson lands a left. Crowd is booing. Henderson throwing haymakers. Palhares has no idea what to do, a desperate shoot. Henderson stuffs it, gets side mount, stands up. Henderson drops him with a right and Rousimar gets a leg! Working for a heel hook, but Henderson escapes. Palhares with another single leg attempt that gets stuffed. Henderson lands a HUGE right to a grounded Palhares. Henderson 10-9. I call it for Dan and so do the commenters.

They're hyping Couture vs Lesnar with Randy at ringside. And Men's Fitness magazine which is featuring Forrest Griffin.

Tim Boetsch vs Michael Patt

Here's one from the undercard. Always a good sign for an action packed fight. Herb Dean is the ref.

Round 1.  They trade in the center. Boetsch with a right. Patt is landing some decent shots. Patt rolls a punch with his shoulder, nice. Boetsche with a vicious right! Drops him and follows up with a brutal GnP assault. Herb Dean stops it. Nice TKO finish by Boetsch in 2:03.

Rich Franklin vs. Matt Hamill
Here we go with the battle of the hometown pals. Hamill comes out to "Tuesday's Gone" by Lynyrd Skynyrd. Franklin comes out to AC/DC's "For Those About to Rock". Battle of the classic rock fans. I score the music war for Hamill. If Franklin had come out to some Bon Scott AC/DC, I'd have given it to him. Franklin looks intense as he comes into the ring. Matt Hume and Jorge Gurgel in his corner.

Round 1.  Franklin landing some leg kicks. Hamill limping already from the leg kicks. Hamill lands a right hand. Hamill with an uppercut. Franklin with more leg kicks. Rich is picking him apart a bit here but no serious damage. Franklin is cut. Franklin with more leg kicks. Hamill misses another superman punch. Hamill with a takedown to end the round. Franklin working for an armbar, Hamill escapes. Franklin with a knee to the face. Hamill cut on the right eye. I score it 10-9 Franklin.

Round 2.  Franklin's cut is pretty bad. They high five to start the round. Hamill tries for a single off a leg kick. Nothing. Franklin scoring with punches and kicks, Hamill reaching for a take down. Not good. Yamasaki calls time to look at Franklin's cut. It's ugly. They restart. Hamill dives for a leg, Franklin escapes and scores with a combination. Hamill trying to dirty box, Franklin backs out. Franklin landing kicks to the head. If Hamill keeps leaning in, he'll get KO'd. Hamill takes a nut shot. Time out. Good exchange. Franklin landing nice punch/kick combos, Hamill in there throwing but getting the worst of it. Franklin with a kick to the body. Franklin landing leg kicks, Hamill working some dirty boxing. Franklin busting him up with punch/kick combos and leg kicks. Hamill grabbing for a single then into the dirty boxing but Franklin escapes and fires back. Franklin with a knee, Hamill grabs for a single, can't get it. 10-9 Franklin.

Round 3. Franklin with a body kick and a knee to the body. A liver kick finishes Hamill! Good performance by Rich Franklin. We'll see how he handles a contender at 205.

Chuck Liddell vs. Rashad Evans
72% of online voters are picking Chuck Liddell. Everyone here where I'm at is picking Chuck. They're showing Chuck's beat downs of Tito and Randy over and over with a little sprinkle of Sean Salmon thrown in. Who's the mug shot on Rashad's t-shirt? Greg Jackson, Keith Jardine, Nate Marquardt and Mike Van Arsdale in Evans' corner. They turn out the lights for Liddell. The Iceman is coming out to DMX. John Hackeman coming out with Liddell. Rashad is dancing to Chuck's entrance music.Buffer is really manic for this one. Herb Dean is the ref. Cecil Peoples is one of the refs. Rashad is doing a GSP nipple pinch -- is this some Greg Jackson technique? The crowd in Atlanta is booing Rashad.  Chuck is towering over Rashad at the staredown.

Round 1. Rashad is looking a little spastic here. He's giving up a lot of reach to Liddell. They're feeling each other out, Rashad is reluctant to engage. Liddell is hunting Evans, circling. Rashad lands a right hook. Liddel with a right that scores. Rashad with a body kick. Liddell charges, Evans dodges. Evans with a jab. Evans with a leg kick. Evans is taunting Chuck with stance changes. Chuck lands a right and a left off an Evans leg kick. Chuck is cornering Rashad, Evans circles away. Chuck throws a kick as the round ends. Hard to score. I score it 10-10.

Round 2. Liddell is cornering Evans, they're exchanging. Evans is landing some small shots. Chuck with a right. Liddell with a combo. Evans with a left hook. EVANS KOS LIDDELL WITH A RIGHT HAND. Oh my god. That was a kill shot!!!!!


Well done Rashad!

Rashad's t-shirt is Bill Gates' mugshot -- an Alberquerque thing.

Jason MacDonald vs Jason Lambert
Nice to see them running more undercard fights.

Round 1. MacDonald gets a takedown, survives a guillotine, now has Lambert up against the fence in Lambert's guard. Forgive me if I'm doing a half-ass job of this fight. I'm still in shock. MacDonald is trying to work some ground and pound but Lambert has a good defence from guard. Lambert has a TIGHT guillotine. MacDonald is saved by the bell. I think Lambert could've finished that if not for the end of the round.

Round 2. Mean exchange of punches to start the round. Lambert may be getting the better of it, MacDonald goes for a double leg and lands in Lambert's 1/2 guard. MacDonald had mount, works for a guillotine, Lambert escapes and gives up his back. MacDonald gets a body triangle and finishes Lambert with a rear naked choke.

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