Affliction the New IFL?

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Upon the weeks heading into Affliction's "Banned" pay-per view, many hardcore MMA fans were wondering how they were going to sell their event and pay-per view with no television, few commercials, and limited advertising ads to MMA websites.  Eventually, Affliction made a last ditch marketing effort within a week before the event by making local television appearances and placing Bill Board Ads around Time Square. Their efforts got favorable results with a 2 Million dollar gate and over 100,000 pay-per view buys(that's if Tom Atencio claims hold water).


Affliction "Day of Reckoning" is apparently going through some struggles. One reason being is their decision to have the event in Las Vegas, UFC town. Considering the Fertittas basically own Las Vegas, one would have to think they would use their influence in "Sin City" to block Affliction from promoting an event their town.

Second, Affliction sponsored Nascar racer Micheal Skinner's car for the Pepsi 500 in Fontana, Ca pretty much blew up in their face. I thought this was a great marketing strategy, considering millions check Nascar. Apparently it was money not well spent. Not because Skinner finished in 35th place, but because they apparently did not use a calendar as MMA Payout points out:


Much was made a few weeks back when Affliction sponsored a race car in NASCAR to hype the Day Of Reckoning PPV. That seemed all well and good, until reader Joseph Miller brought something to our attention:

It just seems odd to me that Affliction would promote their event at a NASCAR race when the next Affliction event is scheduled for the same time as a NASCAR night race.


I'm not an advertising expert, but this does not look like a wise decision. As Robert Joyner points out, Nascar's "Bank of America 500" is a huge event that will be difficult to detach viewers away. The IFL put themselves in a similar situation, during the weekend of March 1, when they tried to hold an event in Las Vegas. Like Affliction, they held their event the same weekend Nascar held it's event in Las Vegas, where the local media did not send their staff to cover it. And, not to mention it was the same weekend as UFC 82, if anyone cared.


Being a new promotion, it would be kind of a good idea to promote and schedule your event to guarantee your product  a good amount of exposure to widest possible audience.











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